A Little Help From My Friends: Craig Nyman

Every week I get “A Little Help From My Friends” when it comes to blogging. I have so many interesting friends with great hobbies and jobs. This week’s blogger is Craig Nyman. I’ve known Craig for years. We met on Las Vegas nightclub red carpets when I was freelancing for Life & Style Magazine, and he was a publicist. The Cosmopolitan hosts many music events and concerts, whenever I’m there, I run into Craig! No doubt, he loves music and knows his stuff. Enjoy his blog!


When Dayna asked me to be a guest blogger, I was honored and excited.  You see, thanks to a friend, I jumped into the world of blogging myself almost two years ago with www.doyouhearthemusic.com.

I have a passion for music and so thus I decided to share my favorite hobby with the rest of the world.  Truth be told, my friends were constantly asking me for music recommendations and this was also a way for me not to have to tell them over and over again but rather it could all be found in one place.  Writing a blog has been one of the most rewarding experiences and has also led me to landing a couple music writing opportunities (which I still hold today) as well as given me the opportunity to meet and interact with fascinating people.  I post on the blog as often as I can but not as much as I’d like because at the end of the day, the real jobs take precedent (hospitality consulting with The Nyman Group and PR with CAN Media).

Craig with Childish Gambino

I’m also an avid live music person.  If you know me, you are aware that I never miss the chance to catch live music and there is always a concert or show I am checking out each week.

With that said, this past weekend, I had the opportunity to see Frankie Moreno at the Stratosphere.  Let me be the first to say, slap me now for waiting this long.  I’ve wanted to see the show but still had not been and as I type this, I can honestly say I’d love to see the show over and over again.  What an entertainer!  I know Frankie has been performing (and in town) for years but I don’t know if those of us in Las Vegas realize the talent that is in that showroom at the Stratosphere.   It seems like all the stars are aligning and he’s just moments away from becoming a major superstar and not just in Las Vegas.

Frankie Moreno at The Stratosphere

From singing to guitar, piano and drums, Frankie plays it all.  He also has a great rapport with his band which includes his brother, Tony, on bass and eight other talented musicians.  Mix in a bit of comedy and this is one show everyone in Las Vegas should see.  While the show is fantastic, I have to say my favorite part is that Frankie works with family (brothers, Tony and Ricky and their parents ) and everyone plays a role in making the show a success.  Pretty incredible and something you don’t see too often today.  As one who works with family as well, I get it and love it.

As for this week, first up is AWOLNATION over at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on Thursday. I caught these guys downtown in the freezing cold last winter and I’m excited to see how much they’re grown as a band since.  Add to the mix major airplay and being a Red Bull endorsed artist and you can imagine they have garnered quite the following in 2012.

And of course since I mentioned it above, how could I not leave you with some great music recommendations for you to check out.

Summer Playlist Vol.I – I try to make a couple playlists each season and here is one from last month. Stay tuned for Vol.II which should drop right before I head to Lollapalooza

Allen Stone – what more do I have to say to get people to listen to this guy, truly one of the next great voices in music

King Charles – like Mumford & Sons?  Then listen to this classically trained musician.  He actually got M&S to sing on one of his tracks, “Brightest Light”

The Weeks – Southern rock is making a massive comeback and these kids are going to explode

Vacationer – ready to daydream and go on a vacation?  Make sure this is on your iPod

Baywood – California duo that just got signed to Red Light Management (Dave Mathews); remember this name a year from now

White Arrows – another band you will be hearing from in the near future

Sleeper Agent – they are on fire right and starting to get heavy press and airplay

The Lumineers – I feel like everyone knows this Denver group by now but if not you are sorely missing out

Rubblebucket – amazing live band, killer horn section and they were a highlight for me at Bonnaroo 

If you have a band you think I should be listening to, feel free to send me a tweet @doyouheartmusic or drop a line onFacebook.


Peace, Love and Music.




4 thoughts on “A Little Help From My Friends: Craig Nyman

    1. visitors come to town.

      You have so many diversified friends, I doubt I will ever get bored reading you’re blog.

  1. Love that photo of Frankie! And I never tired of reading Craig’s views on music — he’s the best. Love how Pure brought us all together. I met him while working at In Touch, when he was a publicist. Love the blog, Dayna.

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