Virgin Alexander Hits Video On Demand. Local Filmmakers Proud.

Alexander is a 26-year-old scrap hauler who has just been given a house by his grandfather. Alexander quickly discovers the home is in foreclosure and he has ten days to come up with $125,000. While on his route brainstorming get-rich-quick schemes with his co-worker Clif, Alexander meets Ruby, a college student moonlighting as a prostitute to pay her student loans. The three team up to turn Alexander’s house into a brothel. Everything is great except for Alexander’s guilt of operating a brothel out of his home, his growing feelings for Ruby, and the incredibly inconvenient fact that he is still a virgin!

Virgin Alexander

That’s the synopsis.

I recently had the chance to watch this film on DVD in the comfort of my own home. I really enjoyed it. I guess I would describe it as serious, funny. Rick Faugno (who formerly played Frankie Valli in the Las Vegas Jersey Boys) is the lead actor. He’s Alexander. I’m no film critic, keep in mind, but I thought Rick was great. I know Rick. I’ve watched him sing, tap, and perform in Jersey Boys… but when watching the movie, I didn’t think to myself, “this is Rick,” I knew him as Alexander. That’s how I know his acting was on point.

Rick Faugno as Alexander

This film has some, “OMG, that didn’t just happen” moments, that I didn’t see coming. I like that. It never got bored. It was interesting and different.

The producers, writers, and directors of the film are Sean Fallon and Charlotte Barrett. They live in Las Vegas, which is a bit rare for filmmakers, but they prefer Vegas to Los Angeles. They met in college and have been married about 5 years. They travel back and forth.

I talked to both Fallon and Barrett from their Henderson home. They are very proud of this film. They say when writing the movie, they wanted to tell a story about the foreclosure crisis in a “different” way. Not overly dramatic, not sad. Fallon says, “so the worst possible solution… a virgin turning his house into a brothel!”

Sean Fallon on set

Fallon and Barrett found Rick Faugno when they went to see Jersey Boys at the Palazzo. They watched him play a young Frankie Valli, and it clicked. They give special thanks to the Jersey Boys team for allowing Faugno to take three weeks off to shoot the film in Saratoga Springs, New York.

This is the couple’s first major film. They say the entire cast took on the film not because they would make money, but because they liked the script, and were on the same page as the film’s creators.

Charlotte Barrett on set

Paige Howard stars next to Faugno. She’s Ron Howard’s youngest daughter. Actor Bronson Pinchot is also in the film. I must say, the entire cast was great.

When watching the movie, I didn’t realize it was “gross” until after certain things would happen. It makes you laugh. Barrett said that’s what most people say, it doesn’t hit them until they start talking about the film afterward. Barrett told me, “my Mom, who does not like grossed out comedy, thought it was hysterical,only later did she think, oh my daughter made that! That was a win for me!”

Fallon and Barrett say they still watch the film and laugh. They are currently writing something new.

Virgin Alexander is out on DVD. Today (Aug. 24th) it will be released on Video On Demand. It should also be out on Netflix in the near future.

The film has won many Film Festival awards, including: Best of the Best at the Illinois International Film Festival, Best Ensemble and Best Performance (Faugno) at the Orlando Film Festival, and Best Feature Film at the Las Vegas Film Festival. Just to name a few.

Check out Virgin Alexander. You will enjoy it. It’s touching too. It’s about loneliness and love. I think this film has a bit of everything. It’s nice to support Las Vegas residents as well!

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  1. Nice review, Dayna. But I’m a big perv for movie nudity. No offense intended. Any boobs show from the three female leads?

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