Where To Live? How About, Where NOT To Live.

Trying to come up with a possible city for me to live, love, and work in has been a challenge. As I move on with my life and have hopes for my future, I sometimes sit and imagine where a good place would be to call home. At least for a few years, IF I decide to leave Las Vegas.

The other night, I met up with some of my favorite girlfriends. We discussed. This discussion turned into laughter. Uncontrollable laughter.

Why, you ask? Because.

Friend D: How about San Diego?
Friend G: Ewww.
Friend D: Whattt? Why not? It’s so pretty there.
Friend G: There’s a F*&%$#@ Zoo there! It’s known for its Zoo!!!

Friend D: Phoenix is hot, great city, I think you’d like it there.
Friend G: The airport is nice.
Friend M: It does have a great airport.
Friend D: It really does have a great airport.
Me: I should move there because the airport is great?

Friend D: Portland is beautiful.
Friend G: No.
Friend M: I don’t think so.
Friend D: Yeah, I guess, it is really granola there.

Me: I don’t think I’d like San Francisco.
Friend D: It’s high tech there and lots of style. Great culture.
Friend M: I don’t like it.
Friend G & M: Yeah, what are you gonna say, I go visit the seals every day? Great.

Me: Philadelphia, no thanks.
Friend G: They have great food there.
Friend D: Dude, no. They wear blazers on TV there.

Friend D: What about Dallas?
Me: I don’t think I’m a Dallas girl.
Friend M: I don’t see it.
Friend D: Yeah, it’s really southern.

Me: Orlando?
Friend D, M, and G: Make faces. Disney World.

Me: Houston?
All: Noooooo!

Me: Detroit? NO way.
Friend M: My friend owned a beautiful gorgeous home there, and she still couldn’t stomach it.
Friend G: 8 Mile. Eminem.

Friend D: Where else? What markets are in Connecticut?
Me: Hartford.
Friend M: No.
Friend G: “Hi, where do you live? Connecticut.” *makes face*

Friend G: Ohhh, Boston.
All: Ehhhhhh.

So, you get the point. It was a fun conversation. It’s interesting when you think about “where” you’ll fit in. What did we come up with for me?

Phoenix, LA, NYC, Chicago, Miami.  Our top 5 picks. We…  shall… see.  Sometimes where you want to live, and where you end up, don’t always match up.

Where, Oh… where.


15 thoughts on “Where To Live? How About, Where NOT To Live.

  1. Loved it!! I go through the same exercise. Yours much funnier! Would love to see you here in Phoenix! Would turn on the TV again:)

    I have lived all over the US including Detroit 8 Mile, really! Besides “the airport”, we have great weather if you like heat, great scenery if you love the outdoors. Good restaurants, theater, sports, shopping. And best of all….we’re an easy commute to Vegas. Be glad to give you the nickel tour.

    Where ever you end up you will shine!

  2. I was born in Boston. My parents moved to Wichita when I was five years old (my mother was from Marion KS). We moved back to Boston when I was 13 and I lived there until 20 years ago when I moved to Las Vegas. My youngest brother lives in Hutto TX(outside Austin). I LOVE it there so I think I’m really a small town girl at heart.

  3. Great writing and hilarious. Being a long term broadcaster I have been sold multiple times, promoted and endeded up moving 9 times. I way underestimated the toll on moving, the value of friends and enviorment. First get a great job. I lived in all those places. LA, SD, SF, Portland, Seattle, PHX , Denver and of cours Vegas. I loved Portland and San Diego. Belo and Cox… Good luck really enjoy your work!

  4. Aren’t friends great? 🙂

    I know wherever you go, you’ll shine. I’m still so mad at *them* for making you go through this exercise, but you’ve got a great attitude, which is so important.

    You’re such an inspiration and a great example of how to gracefully handle a difficult situation with class. (Just think, if you land in San Diego, you can tagline your stories with, “Stay classy, San Diego,” just like Ron Burgundy. Haha!)

    Wherever you land you’ll do great, just like you did/do here. You’ve got a lot of support behind you. 🙂

  5. Well Dana, IDK whats wrong with VEGAS? Kevin Janison and Mark Pfister both found new jobs at other news stations after Channel 8! Eric Randall had a 10-year stint with KLAS and I grew up with him – but even as popular as he was they fired him too in looks for a more modest apprpach to weather! Don’t feel bad, KLAS is known for revolving its staff when everything isnt perfect there, minus Hary who retired now and Paula and George. They seem to have made it. Was hoping you would have too but hey – Vegas is still a great place and tere’s far mmore opportunity for you here than anywhere.

    Have you considered becoming a spokes model/promo model and such? Or professional model as well? I know Eric, whom you may not know as you were not here at the time, did a lot of that after leaving KLAS and was very successful at it. With your fan base and public image, evertone knowing you in town, you could certainly mold a great career for yourself and make great money.

    Don’t give up on Vegas we all loce you too much to see you just move somewhere else… Please stay and we will all make sure you make it here hands don. You have nothing to worry about. This is what friends are for 🙂

  6. Love the conversation. I never really gave that much thought. I settled in Las Vegas after retiring from the military. I’m originally from Michigan, pretty country but it snows there. I spent a few months in Denver and really liked it, but it snows there. I’ve been in Vegas for 40 years now and can’t picture living anywhere else.

    I would really hate to see you leave Las Vegas, but you have to do what is good for you, and I know you will succeed wherever you go. As long as you don’t forget your friends here in Vegas.

  7. Dayna – try applying at KTLA in Los Angeles
    Channel 5
    and also KCAL Channel 9
    Los Angeles market
    I am sure is competitive market

  8. Dayna, California is great So. or No. only worries are earthquakes other than that weather is great, traffic a little much but get use to that like the bad weather back east. Hate to see you leave Vegas if you decide to.

  9. O Darling Dayna;
    Let me start off by saying that there have been only a few that have touched Vegas the way you do! I am one of the many that have shut my TV off at 4AM due to the lack of your bright smile and real raw emotion. With this being said I am probably the only person now writing you that has just recently gone to the Xtreme to go from entertainer in Vegas, to changing their first and middle name (Legally) and deciding to un roll a map (sort of like the one you show above) and decide to pick a place to move that I have never even vacationed. With that being said I have researched for over a year to fit in with what I want to be a new exciting, less stressful everyday life. I am into photography, culture, hikes, drives where I have never been before, fishing and sometimes just relaxing on the beach or outside somewhere peaceful to star gaze and check out the moon. When I tell people now that I am moving to Washington state the first thing I get a lot of is “OMG it is such a beautiful place”, the second thing is “It gets its fair share of rain” and the one I love the best is “Who do you know out there, what made you choose Washington”. My answer to that question is, “I know not a sole there, I have never been (though researched a bunch) and that is the EXACT thing that takes me there! Sometimes a fresh start is just what the Dr. ordered. Though I was born in Scottsdale/Phoenix and then grew up in Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, American Samoa and Hawaii and have lived in or visited most of the USA I choose a place I have never been to call home. Some people might say it is crazy, others call it brave but Never-the-less sometimes after just doing what other people want and expect from you for so long a change for yourself is the best answer.

    One thing I have figured out after living through Cancer and two near fatal car wrecks is that life is not only short, but you will be taken when it is your time. So why go through it as a robot or someone else’s “bitch” so to speak. You are a rock star and have come to Vegas and done what you were supposed to do, you shine every moment your awake and are missed by thousands everyday due to someone else’s choices. Your calling in life may just be somewhere you have never been? It might be somewhere you are called to go but the most important thing is that it is for sure somewhere you will be happy, healthy and on your own terms!

    Why Washington they ask? A Brand new start, without any expectations, with a new name, a new life, a new outlook of tomorrow. Time to slow down and actually listen to the answer when you ask someone how their day is going, instead of just saying O great. My new year’s resolution was to “Slow down” as I work 16 hour days and sleep sitting at my desk most nights *hence why I loved sharing 4AM with you before :(*

    Wherever you end up for DAYNA please whatever you do, don’t wait until your 39 years young to do it, don’t do it because your friends or family ask you to, and don’t do it because it has a nice airport. Do it because your heart leads you there and you see your self-portrait with that place as your background.

    Now with all that being said:

    HELL NO to Phoenix unless you love the traffic, 118 degree weather, no seasons and politics that never end.

    Portland…ummm yah even though you would be closer to me AND NO you DO shave your armpits so not too sure how that would all work?

    8 Mile… Leave that to the tacky pawn shops.

    Cali… hmmm let’s stop here for a moment. I C U as a Cali gal, the traffic you probably wouldn’t mind, the earthquakes you would get used to. The beaches you would love and the people… a bit more laid back (depending on where you go).

    I would love to turn on my TV in Washington and see your face there (if that is the career you continue on with). You have Pikes place, plenty of culture, a nice clean environment that cares about their city and takes care of their people. The ocean is outside your window as is Canada and the amazing views they have to offer. Jobs, not a problem, the pay is 3X what it is here, the market is booming and they do not only rely on tourism to get them out of any situation. Vegas is amazing as a city TO VISIT… I know you love it here, and as an entertainer it is great! The people that come and go are awesome and the opportunities are as well. That is the thing though, “Come and go”. With all that is being said your next opportunity and career choice will probably be from a contact from Vegas, so…

    You are such a free spirit and wear your heart on your sleeve. A person that tries to always be in a great place within yourself and still help others as much as you can. Always wearing a smile when you’re being torn apart inside. Your true friends will keep in touch and your family will always be by your side. Do not let anything in life hold you back or stop you from being EXACTLY who you want to be. You already had that happen with your last employer ;( All you have to do at this point is thank them for the “New look” because it does not take a mind reader to turn that channel on and see the chaos and unhappy faces of what all that has brought forth. Everything in life happens good and bad for a reason, the main question that is most of the time never answered is “Why”? We will probably never know so we choose the path that makes us happy so we live with no regrets and don’t ever have to have the “Why” answered.

    Fly free D as you have sooo much to offer in life and so little time to give it. You of all people should know being in the media biz that everything around us is so negative and the world has so much positive that is never mentioned. Whatever your future endeavors are just make sure they include sharing your laughter and amazing smile with all of us and the rest of the world.

    Go to the one place in life that makes Dayna completely happy!!!!


    ~Sin City Ellen~

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