Bored On A Budget: Jamms Restaurant

So, here you have it. My friend Anthony Pecora and I are both unemployed at the moment, but we keep pretty busy. We network, we attend events, and we use our skills to help others and ourselves.

HOWEVER, there are days that we just don’t have anything going on. There are only so many times you can go to the gym, watch a movie, catch up on the phone, and clean your house. Some days we are “BORED ON A BUDGET.”  SO, we meet up for good conversation, a little gossip, and some food. Sometimes it’s nice to get your fingers off your keyboard, stop texting, and meet face to face.

We have now decided we will share some of our outings with you! Don’t you feel special?

Today, we met for breakfast. We wanted to go somewhere we have never been before (why not try new things with our spare time) and reasonably priced. We are both from the New Jersey/New York area, so we hit up a local diner. We picked JAMMS RESTAURANT on South Rainbow near Charleston.


We waited for 10 minutes on a Friday at 11 in the morning. Everyone was super friendly!! The decor has that “New Jersey dining room” feel. A little tacky, the character of a good diner.

The menu includes breakfast and lunch. We both opted for breakfast. We noticed one of the omelets was called the “White Castle” – we have a feeling it’s really good!

I decided on the Provencal Omelet though. Spinach, tomatoes, and cheese. It was fluffy and the ingredients were fresh! Hardly greasy at all. It came with a side of home style potatoes that were delicious as well. I also had my choice of bread. I picked their famous “pot bread” in raisin cinnamon, it was so good and tasted like homemade

Anthony chose the French Toast and a side of bacon. He was happy with both! The presentation was plain, but the meal was tasty. Really tasty!  I had coffee, which was also great. I am picky about my coffee but Jamms was just right! Not too strong, not too light and it had a great taste. It also came with fresh creamer in a little glass. I love when coffee is served in a nice big mug too.

Pronvencal Omelet
Pronvencal Omelet
Pot bread
Pot bread
French Toast & Bacon
French Toast & Bacon

Shirley, our waitress was helpful, friendly, and fun. We loved her. She also gets some brownie points for saying, “you look smaller in person,” when I got up from the table. Okay, I’ll take it. I like being called small instead of big! 🙂

Anthony & Shirley
Anthony & Shirley

It was a great place to chat, nobody rushed us out, and the place was packed but not loud. It was perfect.

I like how Anthony rates things in his own words. I think you might too. Here you have it folks…. Anthony’s ratings for Jamms Restaurant.

The look … Good gaud
The eats … Delish
The staff … Sassy sweet
The menu … Egg-cellent
The price … Under $10

The omelet was $9.95, the French Toast was $6.45, the coffee and orange juice were each $2.50. Our bill only came to $27.19. Not bad for two people. Fits our budget, and we weren’t bored. It has the Anthony & Dayna seal of approval!

OH, and make sure you ask for Shirley! She’s a fun gal.

Dayna and Anthony
Dayna and Anthony

6 thoughts on “Bored On A Budget: Jamms Restaurant

  1. Hi…I just love this idea of you both checking out local spots for us. I miss you on the news and refuse to watch that station since they lost Kevin and now you…to bad, their loss. Also, how sad are we that we are out of the playoffs….I think Ben was on midnight baby feedings….boohoo….enjoy!!!!

  2. The owner is a Lovely lady…. and the New Jersey Chic decor is authentic as that is where they came here from…. I would love to meet you there or elsewhere anytime!

  3. Always nice to hear from you Dayna, keep sharing, softens the blow of not seeing you on the air. Once again ”What were they thinkin?”You for Shauna with a ”U” come on now-wtf…

  4. I belong to a Mac Users Group (LVMUG) and we eat there every month after our meeting. It is great and the staff is always welcoming. We especially love Shirley!

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