That’s a Wrap…

I mean seriously. Where do I even begin???

Maybe… finally I can just take a deep breath and laugh about it. What…. A…. Year!

NEVER in a million years would I have thought I would be unemployed or abruptly let go of a job I worked so hard at, and loved so much. But, it happens. It happened!

Looking back, and looking at where certain things sit today, I can actually smile.  WHAT were they thinking??!!!

Hey, it’s the business. We move on.

I have moved on.

I am probably the happiest I’ve been in a very long time, at this very moment. The support from friends, family, and strangers has been UNREAL. You know who you are… I feel so lucky! I have been spending so much quality time with the ones I care about. I have realized who my true friends are… and I have made new ones. I appreciate every single person that comes into my life and brings positive supportive energy my way! Some people have done things, that actually make my eyes tear up. I never could have imagined that to this very day, all these people would “have my back.”

Reason number one, that I will most likely stay in Las Vegas.

We have so many wonderful things happening around us, but we also have bad days and sad things happening to people we know and even strangers. It all affects us. It’s life.

I have had some pretty tough days. The best medicine is laughing. It cures all and changes your state of mind. It truly is the BEST medicine. If you are down, call or find that person that makes you laugh. Watch a funny movie. I promise. It will help.

2013 is going to be a great year. I really feel it. So many of the people around me have made decisions to better themselves, and it’s already working!!

Thank you everyone for reading my blog too! I kicked it off full force in the summer, and I have already received more than 92,000 website hits. Amazing! Thank you thank you!


Here are just a FEW of my favorite pictures from 2012….




8 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap…

  1. Dayna,

    You said it all so beautifully in “That’s a Wrap!” I loved your words and your feelings about life, family, friends, and even strangers! It tells me all about the kind of person you are and I know for sure, good things are going to happen for you. Keep up that great attitude! You can’t go anywhere but up, up, and up! May the New Year 2013 be the start of a fantastic, successful, prosperous and, most of all, happy journey for you!

    My Best Always,

  2. Awesome photos Dayna. You know, “they” (whoever they are) say all things happen for a reason. I just know there are bigger, brighter, and better things in the future for you. I am so happy that you decided to stay in Las Vegas, as I am sure your 1000’s of friends and fans are. Happy New Year.

  3. Dayna, I am so happy for you! Even though 2012 didn’t turn out the way any of us expected for you, literally thousands of doors AND windows have been opened for you! You’ve also gained tens of thousands of new friends who may never get to meet you in person, but we will be watching you as you make 2013 YOUR year!!

  4. Your grace, your style, your beauty, your talent…impeccable. How you’ve handled yourself through this year is truly something to behold as you’ve set an example for us all.

    Tonight we count down the final seconds to the new year, and I, one of many I’m sure, am counting down the months until you’re back to work in the the city you love and the city that loves you.

    Happy New Year, Dayna

    Tracy J

  5. Happy New Year Dayna from yet another one of the thousands of friends you may never meet in person but even so, I truly do “have your back” girl. Quite a few years back I came home from a late night shift about 5am and flipped on the tube. After surfing the channels I came upon this gal riding shotgun in a helicopter! Instantly I thought who is ‘dis hottie?’ So started a years long spell of dozing off in front of my set at the end of my day and the beginning of yours.

  6. Happy New Year Dayna-Always glad to hear from you-I guess the one bright spot in this whole mess for me is being able to still keep in touch through your offerings on your web-site providing more insight about you and your life-helps ease the seperation anxiety forced on your fans courtesy of those assholes (sorry can’t think of a better word)at channel 8. High road yes-thats just you-now I know they didn’t deserve you-better things are coming-I just feel it….xoxoxoxo

  7. Missed you and Dave most of all last night, Dayna! Hope wherever you were, whatever you were doing, it was fulfilling and exactly what you needed at the time. Thrilled that Las Vegas will always be a part of your life. You belong here, and you are a part of “our world” that most of us will never want to part with. You have been an important part of our news lives and now personal lives. We all wish you the very best and know that the door just closed is because a golden one is going to open for you very very soon. We love you, Dayna!

  8. I swear I live my life vicariously through you! Channel 8 in the morning is just not the same without you. I hope 2013 is the best year ever for you!

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