Monthly Archives: December 2012

Getting To Know Me

Thanks to Nightlife and Entertainment Guru, Joe Vargas, for interviewing me for his website!

He posed some challenging questions! We talk life, career, and future. I also mention some of my favorite hot spots and restaurants.


A Time… to Make Time

Just a little note from me to you, saying Happy Holidays!

I do enjoy this time of year, mostly because of its meaning, and because it brings people together. There’s something in the air. I feel especially grateful this year for the people in my life at this very moment. My family, friends, and acquaintances.  Strangers too. This year, SO many people have touched my life. I can’t even begin to list them all.  You know who you are.

Or, maybe you don’t.

I have been taking this last month to drop a line, text, call or see people who have made even the slightest impact on my life. They are important to me. It’s really funny what a phone conversation can do. In the last month, I’ve had a few phone conversations that allowed me to express myself, not through typed words, but with my voice.  I think we should all use our voices more often. When we can. When we have a moment. Sometimes, we are more comfortable expressing emotion through a text or email. That’s understandable. It works too.

I often find, when you keep on someone to have a phone conversation, it eventually happens. When it does, it’s not brief, it’s long. It’s nice. You feel complete and caught up on your friend’s life. You understand more how they actually feel because you can hear it on their voice.

Music inspires us, because it reminds us of things. Special times. Sad times. Good times. Strength. Happiness.

We listen.

A phone or in person conversation does the same. It’s just nice.

I do have more time than normal, and I’m taking advantage of it.

Happy holidays…. and I guess I write to say… call or meet the people you want to speak with. Plan a night, day, or an hour. If you can. It’s important. It’s meaningful.

We are busy, but are we really? There’s always time. Try to put the unimportant things aside, and prioritize. You will have an impact. Strike up a conversation with a stranger too. I bet you make someone’s day.

This is what the holidays are really about. Not the monetary gift you receive. It’s someone or something encouraging us to put this month aside, and make time.