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Saving Saved Me.

I am not a parent, but my parents taught me a lot. You don’t realize it… until you do. If that makes any sense.

I write this blog for everyone… single, married, parents, etc… everyone.

Financial responsibility. It’s so important. Yes, it’s not easy for those hardly making any money, I realize that. But, my parents never made a ton. My Mom didn’t work for years while she raised us. Sometimes a few hours in the school lunch room, then later, a teacher’s aide when we were in high school… but that’s it. My Dad was laid off while I was still in school, then retired.

But, boy did they know how to save money and be responsible.

I remember when my Mom quit smoking. She opened an account at a different bank. She put the money she used to spend on cigarettes into a separate account. When something came up or she wanted to buy us a gift or take us on vacation, she would always say… “don’t worry, we’ve got my cigarette money!”

Still to this day, she says it.

After college,  I worked two back to back television jobs in two different small towns. My first job, I was paid $23,000 a year and my second job paid me $19.000 a year. Yes, I was a TV Anchor. Trips to Wal-Mart usually went on my credit card, the goal was always to find an inexpensive but clean apartment, sometimes that included having roommates to cut the cost. It wasn’t easy. I knew I had to do it though, in order to climb the ladder.

Finally in 2002, I was able to make about $10,000 more and live in my hometown. Yes, I was a TV Anchor. I know so many people think it’s such a glamorous and high paying job. It can be… eventually. YOU HAVE TO PAY YOUR DUES.

My point. Balancing all my fiances and staying out of credit card debt was a challenge. I also had to keep up my appearance and clothes for this job. Once I made a little more money, my goal was to immediately get rid of my debt. I always bought a reasonable car and watched my money.

I now see, it’s because I was raised that way. Appreciate the little things. Value everything you buy with your own hard earned money.

Save up!
Save up!

I moved to Las Vegas in 2004 and as I continued to work here and get promoted, I started paying things off.

I did it. No debt.

I bought a house in 2006. Just like the rest of Las Vegas, it lost value and my home was underwater. It was a bold move for me to short sale. It meant my precious perfect credit was going to take a hit!! It was the smartest decision at the time though. I did it. I moved somewhere less expensive and pushed money aside with the difference.

I do have nice things, but it’s not out of control.I love a bargain. I use coupons when I can. I still have an old Dell PC instead of a new fancy Mac. I pay off my credit card every single month and I don’t buy anything unless I have the money.

I learned all of this from my parents.

Thank goodness.

In June, I lost my job. Unexpectedly. I have a non-compete and can’t work jobs that I have the experience for and I am good at: TV, radio, closed circuit, internet. Unless I move. But, I have responsibilities here: car and condo leases and commitments. Not to mention, I love this city.

It’s been a struggle, but I must admit, I still live pretty nice. I still don’t have credit card debt. I still pay all my bills on time.

How? I saved. I had a savings. I learned how to budget.

Recently, my car lease was up. I thought, “what will I do? I can’t prove employment.” The dealer called and said since I make all my payments early or on time, I am pre-approved. No need for an employment check.

Wow. Saved again.

I got the same car (because I liked it and there is no need to upgrade or get something different in this time when I am not working.) I am just happy I was able to get a new lease without the old one expiring or having to buy the car myself.

I guess, I feel really lucky.

One day, as I sat down and thought, “gosh, I can’t believe I haven’t worked in almost a year, yet I have been able to stay afloat. How? Ahhhh, my parents. The way I was raised, the way I was taught. Thank goodness for them.”

Teach them young. Set good examples. It has saved me. Literally saved me. You never know when things might change in your life. Never count on anything. If this blog helps just one person, it’s worth it. I wanted to tell this story because I know life gets busy and we don’t think clearly all the time. We go day to day. Stop. Look at your finances, teach your kids, and it could save you one day.

Thanks Mom and Dad!


A FULL Service Salon… Wait Until You See This. Platinum Entourage Ready to Show Off Its NEW Space.

Whenever I have the chance to NOT blow dry my own hair, I take advantage. Blow out bars are popping up around Las Vegas more and more. I have always wanted to try Platinum Entourage, and I finally did!  This is one of the originals, and the salon just expanded. REALLY expanded!!! The new space is huge, hip vintage, and offers a number of services.

Platinum Entourage
Platinum Entourage

It’s located in Southwest Las Vegas right off the 215 on South Tenaya. I stopped in for a blow out which costs 35 dollars. Boy, was I pleased!! My hair is in need of a trim, feeling a bit dead lately, but the blow out transformed my hair into a shiny, bouncy masterpiece.  I even woke up the next day and it looked exactly the same. I’ll take it!

After blow out
After blow out
After blow out
After blow out

The new space is large, spacious, and decorated with some really cool and classy vintage items. This space is going to be used for hair, makeup, photo shoots, even parties.

The grand opening is officially Wednesday, April 17th. It will include a celebrity-studded red carpet. You must check this place out. It even has a patio.

Inside Platinum Entourage
Inside Platinum Entourage
Washing stations
Washing stations

Here’s the info:

In 2010, Todd White introduced Las Vegas to the blow-dry bar concept by opening the city’s first venue in a 1,000 square foot space. The space quickly proved to be too small to contain the creativity the Platinum Entourage team had to offer. Today, just three short years later, Todd has expanded to fuel his dream in an 8,000 square foot vintage wonderland, home to the world’s first multi-service salon with a vanity lounge and private VIP suite. Gone are the days of a rushed or stressful salon experience. Platinum Entourage allows clients to indulge in the social experience by providing a relaxing environment where they can unwind as long as they desire, enjoy a refreshing cocktail or delicious variety of tapas items while feeling as though lounging in a whimsical mansion.


Upon walking in the front doors guests will immediately feel they have been whisked away into a fairytale. Eclectic treasures, such as an antique chandelier dressed in jewelry, a seven foot tall fully armored shinning knight, a 10 foot mysterious bookcase turned retail display and more, come together at every turn to create an elegant collection of oddities. The design of the space was a three year project of collecting distinctive pieces from all over Las Vegas. Todd looked to personal friend and up-and-coming designer John Best in addition to an inner circle of local artists to create an opera house-like feel channeling a reinvented Warhol Factory remnant of something one would find in downtown New York. Some treasures, such as an antique trunk collection from the days of traveling performers, were gifted to the team by longtime loyal clients.

Vintage decor
Vintage decor

A partnership with neighbor BJ’s Cocktail Lounge will allow tourists and locals alike to treat themselves to cocktails and a full food menu as they are pampered by the seasoned artists on staff. An expansive outdoor patio connecting BJ’s and the salon will allow guests to enjoy an entire day of five-star services in an upscale ultra-lounge-like environment inside and out. For those celebrating a special group occasion and for celebrity clientele a private VIP suite with vintage leather couches and sultry amenities is available. In addition, Platinum Entourage has partnered with La Femme Soirée, an ultra-chic VIP hosting company, which can take care of Platinum Entourage’s client’s entire experience beyond their day of beauty at the salon. La Femme Soirée specializes in restaurant reservations, nightclub coordination, hotel accommodations and more for groups.

“Creating a venue like this has been a lifelong dream for me,” said Todd White Platinum Entourage founder. “I want to reinvent, entertain and inspire my guests when they visit us. The expansion allows myself and my team of seasoned artists to redefine the beauty industry. Not only is Platinum Entourage a place where you will be pampered and entertained, the venue is forever-changing so our guests will always be surprised by what they get a front-row seat for. Whether it be a performance, photo-shoot or full afternoon of production they are granted a backstage pass to our creativity.”


Clients can choose from a multitude of cutting-edge services including Flamboyage from Davines, the newest Italian highlighting technique. Platinum Entourage prides itself on staying up-to-date on the latest European techniques but more so the team prides themselves on inventing the next-generation of beauty trends that will become the popular techniques of tomorrow for the industry. The multi-media division of the company, which first launched in 2006, works behind the scenes offering hair and make-up services, for TV/film, print/editorial, theatrical/live performances and more. This allows the Platinum Entourage team to bring the tactics used, until now, only behind the scenes such as 10-minute root airbrushing to hide color needs and others, to their customers. Boasting not only the largest menu of blow-dry bar styles the Platinum Entourage experts also offer a wash spa with a full menu of specialty hair and scalp treatments. To finish off the perfect look an elaborate makeup menu and soon-to-be nail bar for express mani and pedi services are available.

“The unique pieces that Todd used in the design process took more than three years to accumulate,” said Director of Operations Craig West. “The look combined with our strategic partnerships with BJ’s and others will allow us to provide services that go far above and beyond the typical salon experience. Platinum Entourage at its heart is not really a definable salon. The venue is more of an imaginative gallery and lounge where guests can indulge in hair services.”

Located within the 8,000 square foot jewel is a boutique production company producing multimedia content for businesses small and large. Combining the veteran skills of wardrobe stylists, set designers, videographers, photographers, production crew, special effects creations and more Platinum Entourage is a virtual one-stop-shop for businesses in need of materials from commercials to an ad campaign.

The future months will see the launch of the team’s “Vanity Nights,” an exclusive invitation only regularly scheduled affair. The large venue will transform into a high-end nightclub environment where designers and artists will showcase their creations, strolling entertainers and musicians will perform and more. Guests will consistently be impressed by the ever changing theme of the Platinum Entourage “Vanity Nights” never knowing if they will be treated to a runway show, performance, art exhibit or more while enjoying cocktails and mingling with the who’s who of Las Vegas.

Platinum Entourage Blow-Dry Bar and Vanity Lounge is strategically tucked away at 6670 South Tenaya Way in a convenient location just off of the I-215 Rainbow.