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Finally, I See The Scintas at The D!

How have I never been to see “The Scintas?” No idea.

They are from Buffalo, New York… I’m from nearby Rochester. I remember them playing in my hometown. I may have even been to a festival or two where they performed, but missed never caught a show.

When I moved to Las Vegas, I remember thinking, “I need to see them, they’re from Buffalo!”

I love shows! If you haven’t guessed that already. The Scintas were… here there everywhere. NOW, they are at the D Las Vegas. I attended the show Wednesday on media night.


Holy Scinta!!! I absolutely loved it.

The Scintas at The D
The Scintas at The D

I recently met Frankie Scinta at the Showbiz Roast (we were both roasters.) I knew once I met him that I had to see the show ASAP. Italian and from Buffalo, what’s not to like. Felt like family!

The Scintas are currently performing with singer Janien Valentine. She fit right in. The show was full of laughs, talent, and emotion. I must admit, there was a little tear in my eye as they sang the song “Home” and talked about their life growing up. Family is everything. When you get older, you learn to appreciate your family so much more. Another reason Frankie and Joey are fun to watch. Brothers on stage together make for a good time! The impersonations are great because they don’t over do it. They are quick appearances … a song or medley, then the show moves on. Such a great mix.

The new D Las Vegas showroom is old school. Low ceilings, cocktail tables and booths, very intimate. I think it’s a good room for the group. A live band joins The Scintas on stage too.

I left happy. That’s how I judge how much I like a show. If I leave happy or I leave thinking about what I saw or what was said, I’m sold. They know how to put on a show, that’s for sure. Obviously, they have been doing it for years.

The Scintas perform Wednesday through Sundays.  Check them out!

Facebook: I Love You, I Hate You

More and more I hear this: “I hate Facebook.” 

I can’t even tell you how many times this month alone my friends and professional contacts have told me they wish Facebook would go away. Some tell me they are thinking of closing their accounts.


It’s a love hate situation for me.

I do enjoy seeing what my friends and colleagues are up to and I do like that one topic can create a conversation thread. I like being able to share information. I love being able to interact with supporters who have become acquaintances/friends. I love that some of my family from around the country are on Facebook so we can easily keep in touch. I like that it’s a free service.

However, the constant updates drive me nuts. I hate that you have to go into your privacy settings and update your preferences over and over. I hate that you can no longer turn off the chat for good. You have to close it every time you log in. I hate the game requests. I dislike the 5,000 friend limit which forces you to create a fan page (which means you now have to operate two pages), I don’t really like the new bubble faces on my phone when people send me a private message, I hate all the junk on the left column. I don’t like the racy pictures and political rants. Sometimes I feel like I know “too much” about someone’s personal life from their posts.

I don’t know. If Facebook went away, would we miss it? Probably. A few of my friends have signed off permanently and they say they do NOT miss it. It depends what you use it for, I think.

It does cause issues.

People can find you, look at your posts and pictures… someone that you may not want prying into your life. I know, change the privacy settings, you say! Well, it’s not that easy. The updates changes your settings so often that it’s hard to keep up!! Sometimes you don’t even realize it.

I’ve heard some people say they have “drop friend” guilt. They want to drop someone because their posts annoy them or they are too frequent, but they feel guilty. Will they know? Can they tell? Will they be mad at me? It does become quite the dilemma!

Oh and I’m not really a fan of the fact that every move you make shows up in the “feed.” This posed a problem for my close friend. She has a disease and was trying to find more information about it. She found a few groups on Facebook. Well, little did she know if she posted a question or interacted with the group, it would show up in the feed for all Facebook friends to see.

How do you turn it off? You don’t. Ugh.

It’s a great tool, don’t get me wrong. It’s extremely helpful in my professional life. It is also, like I said, a nice way to keep connected with family and friends. I love seeing my cousin post pictures of her family and my Uncle. I find it useful to learn about struggles too. I was able to keep in touch with all my New Jersey family during the bad storms and get updates on how everyone was doing. Things like that.

For professional reasons, it’s a must.

I need it. Some don’t.

Do you LOVE or HATE? Do you know anyone who dropped it all together?