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Top Ten (Maybe More) Reasons I LOVE Las Vegas

More and more people ask me, “what do you love about Las Vegas?” I often get asked this question because I decided to stay here instead of leave. So… I usually name off a few things, the person nods their head, and they either agree or say, “I never thought of that.”

Vegas Sunrise (photo by me!)
Vegas Sunrise (photo by me!)

I do love Las Vegas. So let’s just do this… Letterman style.


10. Major airport, with flights to anywhere
9. People visit often, I’d never be able to see as many people as I do anywhere else
8. Most everything is new (I like new, not old)
7. Unique history (what other city is known for The Rat Pack, The Mob, and Elvis)
6. Best restaurants, shopping, and entertainment in the world (pretty much every store you ever dreamed off, besides IKEA – someone get on that)
5. Great sunsets & sunrises, gorgeous mountains (maybe that’s two or three)
4. Best people watching ever
3. The weather (I never have to do the seasonal change over, my closet sits as is… and I don’t have to clean my car off)
2. No state taxes
1. Free parking

And if I could add one more it would be the big city/small town feel. I run into people I know all the time. I like that. I feel a strong sense of community here, even though Las Vegas Boulevard is full of people I’ll never know.

I do realize a couple of my numbers include a few reasons, not just one. It’s tough. I need a top 20 I think. When it comes to entertainment there is no end. Expensive and cheap. Pools, man made beaches, the best concerts, live music for days, world class shows. We have that covered to no end.

Okay, I could probably go on and on. Feel free to add your own with a comment.

Viva Las Vegas, I say!

It’s My Party, And I’ll Cry If I Want To

Sometimes I cry.

Sometimes I know why. Other times, I have no idea why the heck I am crying. I do know this, a GOOD cry, relieves stress! It’s the best.

I write this as I see and hear the same from many of my friends. I see posts on twitter and Facebook about it.

“I feel like I want to cry.”

“Sometimes you need a good cry.”

I agree. There are times I have a moment or a day, I’m not really sure what’s bothering me. But… maybe I do. I think to myself, “that’s not worth crying over.” Then I do it. I cry. AND feel fabulous afterward!!!

There are times I actually prevent myself from crying. I won’t let myself cry. I’m not going to cry. Why? I guess because I feel like I’m crazy! There is no reason for me to CRY. I have a great life. I’m happy. What is going on???

THEN I read this, and it made me feel better, just when I needed it a few weeks ago.



Sometimes when I drive I cry. Music brings out emotion. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad. Sometimes you miss someone or your family.

I do know, if you are truly sad, getting together with a real, true friend who listens and makes you laugh is the best medicine. Even a phone call works.

So there you have it. I cry. I like to cry. I cry for no reason. I cry for a reason. Blah blah blah.

It’s MY party and I’ll cry if I want to.

Plus, this truly is a great song! Click and enjoy. Thank me later.