What Do You Like?

I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve been so busy getting adjusted to a new schedule. My mind is always focused on my future, and I will write a more in depth blog soon. But, it made me think. What makes me happy? What are the simple things that make us all happy? What do we like? I made a list!  I read it over, and it made me smile. They seem so simple. Sure, a few of them cost money, but most are for free. I want to enjoy my list more often.


What’s yours?

Here’s mine: What I like.

Sad movies with a happy ending
Ice cream cake
Oldies music
Laying on a blanket
Sitting by the water
White wine
Slow dancing
Cozy Booths
Reading paperback books
Helping people
Eating food with people I love
High heels
Asking questions
Being hugged
Coffee shops
Bike rides
Short walks
Long phone coversations
Taking a shower before bed
Slow Christmas songs
Being in love, and being loved in return

3 thoughts on “What Do You Like?

  1. Hello, I wanted to say that you were the only reason I watched channel 8 news while living in Las Vegas. I read somewhere that you moved to Vegas from Rochester N.Y. I was born and raised in Greece, then moved to Vegas in 1990, and am now back in Rochester. You may wonder why as do many people I talk to back here, but reason number one are the people. So much more personable, you actually know your neighbors, there’s block parties in neighborhoods every weekend, there’s no brick walls separating houses, the food, and also the medical facilities and Doctors are much more knowledgable here. Been through the loop in Vegas and the doctors there amaze me at there lack of knowledge. Also it is a very materialistic city, well most of the people I have met there in the 20+ years I lived there. I have better friends her in Rochester that I haven’t seen but once or twice since middle school.

    One nice thing I did like about Las Vegas was the abundance of outdoor activities there were within a 4 hour drive. And you could pretty much trust that the weather would be nice for your outing, that is IF you planned accordingly. Anyway, sorry for rambling and thank you if you read the whole thing. So what are you doing now? Are you still in Las Vegas? What brought you there? Hope to hear back from you. If not, take care and good luck with all your endeavors. You are awesome.

    Thanks again, Doug Cawley

    1. Hello, yes, still in Vegas. I love it here! Moved here 9 years ago for a job on TV. I really enjoy living here. I’m hosting a radio show on KXNT 100.5 FM from 6am to 9am now, and I love it so far. Listen in if you can… it’s live online too. Nice to meet someone from good old Roch!

  2. A kiss & a hug first thing in the morning
    Quality time with my wife
    Playing with my dogs
    Working in the yard, watching things grow
    Slow, drizzling rain
    Reading books
    A kiss & a hug last thing before bed at night.

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