How To Delete Your Facebook SEARCH History

Here’s a little something I learned this week from the USA Today. I did it. It’s easy. Everything you search is logged. Wait until you see the list! Thank me later. 😉



Delete your Facebook search history

Q. Does Facebook keep track of my searches like Google does? Can I stop it?

A. Yes, Facebook records any search you make on the site. To clear your searches, log in to Facebook and go to your Timeline page. Click on the Activity Log button at the upper right. On the left column of the Activity Log, under Photos, Likes and Comments, click on the More link. Then scroll down and click on the Search link. You’ll see a list of every Facebook search. To clear the list, click on Clear Searches at the top-right of the list. Simple! You will need to do this every few months as you can’t turn off this feature.

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  1. Thank you very much Dayna for the information. Your directions were easy to follow and right on. Have a blessed, highly favored, and prosperous week. God Bless!!!

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