Keep On Moving, Don’t Look Back

Since I’m a journalist at heart and professionally, I’m usually asking the questions. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions. Actually, for the last year or so….

As I evaluate what I want out of 2014, honestly, I don’t know.

I realize this, I’m not much of a goal setter. If I want something, I go for it. That’s it. If I get an idea, that I really like, I do it. If something comes my way and I feel it’s something I want to be a part of, I do it. I also realize, I don’t like to share everything. I may have an idea or a goal, but I keep it to myself. That way, the only person that’s let down if it doesn’t happen, is me. It’s easier to pick up and move on to the next thing.

I remember through the years, people have always asked me… where do you want to end up? I’ve never really had an answer! I guess I don’t have this major vision of what I want, I think because the world is always changing.

I do know, that in 2014, I have learned not to “look back.”

There is no reason to focus on the past. You must brush it off, learn, and not continue to go on and on about it. Get over it. It’s the best feeling – not to care about the bad and smile because of all the good.

Sure, there will always be things that affect us deep down inside, and are tough to shake.

Instead of planning my future. Setting major goals. I embrace the good people in my life, I dedicate a lot of time to them. I move things around. I pick up the phone. I try to connect as much as possible. I am also trying to do more little “things.” I just want to “do things” that I don’t get to do often. Or at least try. I’m talking simple things. Nothing crazy. Just things.

I didn’t have a full time job for over a year, and yes that would have been a great time to do “things.” But it wasn’t that easy, because I was always trying to find and create work.

I know this, I won’t spend so much time worrying about where I’m going to end up and what I’m going to be doing when I’m 50 or 60. I will however, enjoy the laughter around me. The group dinners. The one on one conversations. The cute messages. The feeling I get when I turn a friend’s tears into a smile. The feeling I receive when a friend or family member goes out of their way for me. The thank you notes. The joy I get out of making someone feel good.

I’m exhausted of talking about the past and the future. I just want to talk about NOW.

13 thoughts on “Keep On Moving, Don’t Look Back

  1. Wow! That was truly deep. I am seeing that you finally moved on and that is great news. I also am seeing a person who lately is shinning. There is a glow that makes you beautiful. I guess it’s your way a showing you finally said “look out, Dayna is here”.

  2. You are one of the busiest people I know. I don’t know where you find all of the energy. But you have a good philosophy. The past is the past, you can’t spend a lot of time dwelling on it. You can’t predict the future, so why spend too much time worrying about it. Sure you have to do some planning for the future, but you just never know. The time is NOW….live it to the fullest and make memories.

  3. It takes too much effort in looking back. The human body was meant to move forward, even with a life that wasn’t exactly how you planned it, the human body and spirit was never designed to stay stagnate. Nothing happens by mistake.

  4. Yes, Dayna, far too much time is wasted looking back and/or looking toward the future. All the ‘I should have’, and the ‘what if’s’ we waste precious minutes on when we trip over the little things you talk about in this post that at the end of the day (EVERY day) are the most important moments in life. These are the moments that turn into “oldie treasures” and they are something that no one can ever take from us. There are no expectations, and no disappointments, because we focus on being in the moment and lingering there for awhile. Life is good, and you are such a joy to watch grow! Enjoy your life! Today is the most important day in your life!

  5. I’m going to try my best to listen to you and follow your example. I tend to look back and say, “what if?” far too much. You plight over the last year plus encourages me to focus on the positive. I’m gonna try!

  6. Not the way I’ve lived but I wish it were. I’ve never been a”doer”, a leader or a follower just an interested observer and that has not served me very well.

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