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I tweet a lot, I like it. On twitter, you can “favorite” tweets.

Lately, as I favorite and when I favorite, I think… “what is it I’m favoriting?”

Stick with me here.

I have been thinking… twitter will probably be around for a long time, it will get better, and grow. More and more people are using it. I started way back when. I have more than 1000 tweets favorited on my site. So I think, “what do I favorite?” But I go even deeper than that, and say to myself: this is a catalogue of my day, my week, my month. This is a timeline of what I like, what I find interesting, moments, beginnings, ends. It’s a catalogue of my life in many ways. This is a timeline of ME.

You could say our twitter feed and tweets are more personal and more of a timeline, but I think my favorites are more of that. I tweet information, tell people who I’m interviewing, and what I’m doing and what I like… BUT my favorites almost say MORE about me.

Every day I favorite information that I may want to talk about on my radio show, or that I want to keep for later. Once I use it, I usually unfavorite it. I use it in that way as more of a bookmark.

The others that I keep are things that are important to me. Quotes I like, something I relate to, pictures I want to keep, special occasions or words that my friends tweet that I want to remember, things that make me laugh or touch my heart, something that resembles the way I’m feeling, words that motivate me, knowlege that I want to refer back to, key moments that I want to remember.

For example, when the Linq first lit up the High Roller and tweeted a picture, I favorited it. Years down the road, I’ll have that day saved. An important Las Vegas moment that changed the look of the strip.

The thing about favorite tweets is, they are saved in order of time. This is now a catalogue of what Dayna Roselli wants to hold on to, keep, remember, and refer back to. I think it’s pretty cool. Facebook is about what we post and responding to others, but it’s not about saving words, pictures, moments, and information that “others” put out there. I can’t save a comment that someone wrote that may have touched me. I can screen shot it, but it will get lost in a photo album. Twitter allows me to scroll back down that long list and refer back. I like it.

I have started favoriting things more often.

This may be morbid, but I think, if and when something takes me off this earth, there will always be a timeline out there of what affected me. It will be in order. It’s a catalogue of me.

Nobody has the same list. It’s unique.

What types of things do you favorite?

One thought on “My Favorites

  1. I don’t favorite a lot of things. Just things that I want to save for posterity, like pictures or quotes, or things from some of my favorite tweeps, like Dayna Roselli.

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