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Shows Open, and Close. Too Often. Too Much.

Shows open, shows close. It’s Las Vegas.

We have amazing shows here, amazing talent, and hard working people. It’s sad to see shows like Mamma Mia! open and close in the blink of an eye. I’m sure much of the cast and crew moved here, and thought they would live here for at least a year. It comes down to this though… who thought that show was a good fit at The Tropicana and why? As soon as I heard it was opening, I thought, “again?” It had a very successful run at Mandalay Bay. Let it be. It was also 2.5 hours long. Too long for Las Vegas. The cast was great. I don’t take that away from them. I think “Dancing With The Stars” was a good fit for the Tropicana. It was current, but included old school dancing, fun, and it was full of talent. People enjoyed it, and they left satisfied. The Tropicana has a decent location, a beautiful pool, great cafe, nice venue where Bagatelle used to be, and a gorgeous showroom. Something needs to happen there. I hope to see it work out.

What is working? Well, I’ll tell you. The past. The past is the new now. People want to go back in time, they want to experience glamour, talent, interaction… with a fresh twist. That’s what much of Las Vegas is known for – isn’t it? Let the clubs and restaurants handle the new. Shows that are successful in this town are either pleasing to the eye or full of talent, costumes, and glitz. Or else, they tell an interesting story or make you laugh uncontrollably.

Also, marketing. Marketing a show is everything. I see billboards that tell me nothing about the show or person behind the show. They give me no reason to want to buy a ticket. I have started doing some hosting for 24/7 TV that runs in taxi cabs. I got on board because I feel like it’s such a good idea, and it’s going to help the tourists choose. I interviewed Veronic, for example. We see her, we read the words on her billboard, but what a great way for people to get a snippet of what she actually does. In one minute we tackled a few of her song voices, her passion for her job, and what her show includes. This gives people a better idea of what she’s all about.

There are many shows on the strip that have lasted a long time. They are quality. They don’t disappoint. I love what Las Vegas has to offer. I just think we need to search for the right talent, the right shows, and perfect our entertainment offerings. It’s just so sad to see money pumped into promoting something, and watch it fail in a few months. It happens over and over. There’s nothing worse than leaving a show you paid good money for, and being disappointed. Especially in a time when people are struggling financially. I also believe, if you have a good thing going, stick with it.

I’m proud to live here, and I come across so many talented successful people who love what they do. Let’s keep up our reputation, and find the BEST. Word of mouth is free marketing. Let them leave the showroom and spread the word.

Of course, as I always say, these are just my thoughts after being on the scene for 10 plus years, interviewing people, seeing shows, watching properties open and close. I only want the best for our town!

Maybe Journals Can Help Us Heal

It seems as though everything happens at once. You know the saying, “when it rains it pours.”

Unfortunately, there has been a lot of heartache around me lately. Friends, family of mine are losing people they love so much. You think to yourself… what do I do, what can I say? How would I feel? I remember that feeling when it happened to me. It’s awful. There is no solution. No resolve. The best thing you can do is provide comfort and make them feel safe.

I remember when my Grandmother got sick. My Mother moved to New Jersey temporarily to take care of her.  In a small apartment, doing what she could to provide comfort, and go through the acceptance process herself, she began to organize and go through my Grandmother’s things. She found a box of letters.

My Grandfather
My Grandfather

My Grandfather had passed when my Mom was 14 years old. My Grandmother, Italia (or Tily as we called her), never remarried. In the box, were letters to my Grandfather. Not letters from when he was alive, but letters she had written afterward. She had written things like, “you are the love of my life.” It was so moving. THAT provided comfort. Sadness that she had lived this long life without him, but comfort that she would be with him again soon. She missed her partner, and her friend. Nobody compared. I’m sure she must have been attracted to people through the years, and had male friends. But, nobody could be her “companion” like my Grandfather could. Love, support, friendship go a long way. Lust is temporary.

I’m Catholic, I believe in heaven. I truly believe there was a great reunion when she crossed over.  The thing is, I only knew my Grandmother to be happy. She laughed. She made me, “eat, eat, it’s good for you!”


It’s amazing what you can discover from what people write down.

I’m public, yet private. Sooo private. People think they know me from what they see or what I put out there publicly, and sure, that’s a side of me. But, only about 10 people know me completely.

M, T, M, S, D, B, A, my Mom…. okay, make that 8.

I’m so protective, that sometimes it can be annoying. It can. But, covering the news for so long, I’ve heard it all. This is a popular soundbite I’ve heard over and over through the years, “I never thought it could happen to me.” So… I’m a bit of a privacy nut. I’m okay with it though. I like the private conversations I have with special people, that people don’t know exist, because I don’t tweet it or status update it. It’s private and special. There’s a whole entire world outside my public world. I think it’s important to keep it that way. I like balance.

Okay, so where is this going.

Basically, I’m saying this…. it’s been said for a long time that writing things down can help you. Seeing it, writing it. Reading it over. It’s healthy. It’s between you and you. But maybe we can also provide the people we love some sort of comfort. My Grandmother’s letters were beautiful, therapeutic. If we all left our feelings and stories for our loved ones to read, would it help them heal? I think it might.

What’s been happening around me has unfortunately made me think of these things. We are all going to experience extreme pain from losing someone close to us at some point. I had a friend tell me he hurts knowing that I will feel how he feels someday.  So I guess I’ve been thinking how can it be less painful? What can we do?

Maybe we can write some things down at key moments in our life, when we are feeling happy or sad, inspired… whatever. We aren’t all vocal about how we really truly feel. That’s a fact. So it’s easier to write it down. Maybe it would help if people could read our stories. They could learn something they didn’t know, or laugh out loud at something they wrote. Maybe someone has always wondered what you truly thought about them, they just weren’t sure, and you have more love for them then they knew. Wouldn’t it be amazing to find out in a note or letter. Maybe we don’t have the courage to say how we really feel now, but we want people to know what they meant to us. All this, makes me think it’s a good idea. I have always journaled, but stopped once my life became writing. I have notes and things I’m grateful for written down, but I will soon make a conscious effort to do it. It is therapeutic, I know this.

As I always say, this is all just food for thought. Might be worth it. You might feel better too.