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National Lasagna Day: Mom Calls Me On The Radio

Happy National Lasagna Day!

My Mom called into our radio show this morning to give everyone some homemade Lasagna tips! It’s the best. I’m telling you! During every holiday dinner, we have an Italian dish. No ham for us. Lasagna it is!

LISTEN to our fun chat with Mom!

Mom and Dad Roselli

Real Talk On Doug Elfman’s Podcast

Recently, I took a ride with Doug Elfman on the Las Vegas Monorail. We were in search of a place to podcast. It was a bit noisy, but a fun experience. So we carried on.

We eventually made our way to the Paris Hotel Casino where we sat down to chat!

Doug & Dayna

Doug and I have been friends for many years, and we both share a love for Las Vegas.

Yes, we LIKE the strip.

He’s talented writer, and interesting person to talk with, always has been. Soooo, as you can imagine, the podcast is full of real talk!

Thank you Doug for inviting me to be part of your show.


You can read Doug’s columns in the Las Vegas Review Journal several times a week! For more information on his interesting podcasts, click HERE.

Doug Elfman