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Each Dad Is One Of A Kind

Today my Dad turns 80 years old. Time passes, and we all get older. It always makes us reflect on the past and memories.

Dayna & Dad

I’m extremely lucky to have a wonderful father, who has always been on my side. Growing up, my Dad worked odd shifts, and my Mom mostly took us around every day and kept us busy. But Dad was always there for dinner, key events, vacations, you name it.

My parents always took us on vacation with them. Whether it was a family gathering or just a get away. We came to Las Vegas and stayed at Circus Circus, we had weekend trips to New Jersey to see family or go to the shore and boardwalk, we went on two cruises to the Bahamas. We were always a family that stayed together. We were a traditional family, not wealthy, but my parents knew how to save up enough to enjoy experiences and have just we what needed.

We laugh a lot. Dad is a funny guy. He doesn’t have Facebook or Twitter. He doesn’t even have an email account. But Mom keeps him up to date. At 80 years old, he still works 4 hours a day. It keeps him young. When I was a cheerleader in High School, he never missed a game, and suffered through cheer competitions, but he enjoyed being there. He is the type of guy that would show up to basketball games, even if I wasn’t cheering, and everyone knew his name. “Hey Pat, how’s it going.” “What’s up Pat?” People always look forward to seeing my Dad. He’s a blast at weddings, he loves to go out to eat, his one liners are hilarious.

There are some people that have Dads that are into gadgets, set the rules, and plan the day. That’s not my Dad. But, he’s always been wonderful just the way he is! I know he silently dislikes the men that have hurt me, he feels secure when I have someone by my side, he feels bad for me when things don’t go my way, and he feels settled when they do. He enjoys seeing my friends. He loves meeting new people. And, he silently laughs at things that go on around us, and brings them up at a later date. He truly is a gem. He’s the coolest man I know. He’s easy to please. Chocolate, a martini with two olives, a good meal. These days, simple can be hard to find. For me, having a simple person in my life has been a joy.

Happy Birthday Dad! 80 never looked so good.

Dad's 80th birthday