Monthly Archives: March 2016

Don’t Feel Stupid If….


I LOVE this quote! It really stuck with me, and I had to share it. Isn’t it true? In this world of “trying to be like everyone else,” we often pretend to like things we really don’t.

Here’s the deal. I don’t like A LOT of things that people love. Once I saw this quote, I made a list in my head, and I thought I would share it. It will force you to think. Do I really like these things I claim to like, or do I like them because it makes me seem… cool, hip, likable, smart, sexy, etc.?

I don’t like:

going on long hikes, I’ll sit in a lawn chair and wait for you to come back
touring anything that takes more than one hour
drinking in the day
packed pool clubs
massages by strangers
camping (maybe in a cabin)
Leonardo DiCaprio
concerts unless I can sit and put my feet up, even then I get bored
dating for fun, it’s not fun
(I’m actually going to keep adding to this list because it’s therapeutic!)

Make your list!