Don’t Feel Stupid If….


I LOVE this quote! It really stuck with me, and I had to share it. Isn’t it true? In this world of “trying to be like everyone else,” we often pretend to like things we really don’t.

Here’s the deal. I don’t like A LOT of things that people love. Once I saw this quote, I made a list in my head, and I thought I would share it. It will force you to think. Do I really like these things I claim to like, or do I like them because it makes me seem… cool, hip, likable, smart, sexy, etc.?

I don’t like:

going on long hikes, I’ll sit in a lawn chair and wait for you to come back
touring anything that takes more than one hour
drinking in the day
packed pool clubs
massages by strangers
camping (maybe in a cabin)
Leonardo DiCaprio
concerts unless I can sit and put my feet up, even then I get bored
dating for fun, it’s not fun
(I’m actually going to keep adding to this list because it’s therapeutic!)

Make your list!

6 thoughts on “Don’t Feel Stupid If….

  1. My list is much the same as yours.

    I don’t like;

    Long walks, it causes too much pain
    Large crowds
    Any Kardashians, or Kanye West for that matter
    Animal abusers
    People who claim to be friends but could care less about me
    People who lie to me
    Long lines
    (probably much more, just can’t think right now)

  2. Our don’t likes are not completely the same but very similar. One don’t like is
    People who lie to look good
    Make believe friends.

  3. Long hikes,
    Packed parties
    People yaking on their phone in public places
    Camping (We agree on this one)
    Mexican food
    Jennifer Lopez
    People who don’t dress appropriately for the occasion

  4. I love your blog. I have a list but it is still rolling around in my head. Maybe it’s time to write it down. Wait! Do I have enough paper in my house?

  5. We share ALOT in common!. When did you start@13 news. I moved to VEGAS 2x first was 1991- 1998/ moved back East. Then came back 2002-2010. Had to Leave Hollywood called. Lol. And 37 KIDNEY Stones hurt too.

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