The Social Explosion

Social media is a part of our life. Face it. If you aren’t at least on Facebook, I commend you, I do, but you should be. Recently, I’ve heard more and more stories from people I know that their lack of social media is preventing them from getting a job. They are getting turned down for positions because they aren’t on social media, or they don’t have a big enough following. Sad but true.

What’s hot? Well, I’d say Instagram and Snapchat right now. Twitter is still active, and with the Presidential campaign going on, it’s a place to get caught up on what the candidates are tweeting and what the journalists and writers are saying. I do notice there is a lot less “sharing” and more of a push for users to roll out their own content. Don’t forget to answer people and share other users tweets. It keeps your timeline active. It’s not all about you. Sharing is caring. You will gain more interaction that way.

Twitter has made some recent improvements too. Locations, photo tagging (so you can leave out names on your actual tweet and have more space for words), and the new night mode is pretty cool too. It gives your eyes a nice break when you scroll through at night or in the morning.

For the record, Twitter is my personal favorite. It might be because of my profession. I love pumping out information in short form and gathering content quickly with a simple search. I follow people of interest, organizations of interest, and co-workers. I also make lists for easy access.

Instagram works so well, because it’s easy. It’s visual. One like, maybe a comment if you feel like it, and you move on. There isn’t a lot of time invested in it. The new Instagram stories are a nice way to add more content without posting tons of pictures and videos to your feed. They go away in 24 hours. They are similar to Snapchat stories. BUT, they are still a bit much. The circles at the top of your home page cause a bit of clutter. The layout may need to change. The direct message response from followers is nice, but you feel obligated to answer them, or at least I do, because I have a hard time ignoring people that take the time to say something nice or ask a question. This creates more work and time. I can totally see how some will like this feature… and others will not.

Snapchat. So what do we do with Snapchat now? It’s still fun and brings in a less invasive crowd. Click, watch, move on. No likes, no comments. It disappears in a day. Also a very easy way to show off your day, push content, and cool images. The filters are silly but fun. People tend to be a bit more “real” on snapchat too. The memories portion is still new, but again, new features take space on the screen and I find that “extra button” gets in my way for a quick send. However, I like saving things for later.

Facebook is Facebook. The fan pages are great, but lately, it seems like the format changes up every week. We lose our initial settings. We can’t share the same way we did or just work in the fan page portion without our home FB page getting in the way. It becomes a little confusing. But, I do like how I can keep that page more work oriented. Pictures, news content, what we are working on… mixed in with behind the scenes stuff. People can comment without limits and they can’t have conversations with each other, which is nice too. You spark open discussions.

This chart cracks me up. It’s really true and shows a great comparison of what different social media sites are used for….

social media

It’s all A LOT. Isn’t it? But digital is becoming our life. It’s where we find what we want quickly. It’s where we can voice our thoughts and opinions. It’s where we can find a good laugh or get the news we are looking for, in an instant.

I still wonder when all this information will become too much. Can our phones and devices hold it all? Can our brains process all of it without overload. Can our eyes stay focussed after staring at screens?

By the way, all my social media platforms are under @daynaroselli

What’s your favorite place to share and view content?

9 thoughts on “The Social Explosion

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  2. I read somewhere that only 13% of seniors 60 or better use social media and I was surprised. I’ve been using Facebook since about a year after it started and thought nothing of it even though I am 63.

    1. My Mom is on social media all the time, but my Dad is not. I guess it depends what your interests are or if you care to learn.

  3. I’m on Facebook a lot everyday. I don’t always post, but I read what everyone else is posting. While I joined Twitter because you promoted and talked about it, I don’t use it as much as I used to. I just recently joined Instagram and really enjoy it. I have Snapchat, but don’t really understand how it all works. But, you are right, Dayna, social media is where it’s all happening. If you don’t participate, you will be left out.

  4. Getting turned down for positions because they’re not on social media? Isn’t that some sort of digital discrimination? When will it be too much? It already is in my opinion. I got rid of my snapchat a couple months ago. I thought it would be a good way to communicate with people who didn’t have FaceTime, but I found that all people were using it for was to turn themselves into rabbits or put mustaches on themselves. Sure, it’s silly harmless fun, but it’s run amok. Twitter? I have accounts but I can’t remember my passwords because I haven’t been on them in years! I have an Instagram but I’m using it less and less, because pretty much everything I’m seeing on it I’m seeing on Facebook because of the share feature. Ah yes, and Facebook. I don’t know where to begin with that. I’m on it the most and I don’t know why. I guess it’s because most of my friends, colleagues and family are on it. I’m trying to use it less, but I’m recognizing I’m having the same addictive traits as I did with alcohol, and that scares me a bit. Not just for my personal welfare but also how society is being turned into these “social automatons” and not paying attention to the world outside or each other. Not to mention it’s really amped up my A.D.D. For someone like you who’s in a field where the line between media and social media is becoming more and more blurred, I get it. But for me, I’m questioning what it’s purpose is in my life. Honestly, I don’t know how you keep up with the social media, your job and having a social life. The only answer I can come up with is you’re Wonder Woman!

    A friend of mine had said “All this social media is making me feel more alone than ever!” That really struck a chord with me as a single person who lives by himself. In a way it’s true for me.

    Didn’t mean to rain on your parade, but there is that whole other side of the coin thing.

    1. You aren’t raining on MY parade at all. I am on social for work. It’s been very very valuable for me. If I could tell you how many connections I’ve made, side jobs I’ve received, and when I lost my job, it kept me current and visible. I was approachable and had many offers for work. I enjoy interacting with viewers and listeners and friends. I’m not a fan of Facebook, but I have to be on it.

  5. I like IG best because for one it seems to be troll free, people are friendly and supportive and two I get to be friends on line with people from all over the world where as with FB you’re pretty much limited to your circle of friends and acquaintances unless you’re a celebrity such as yourself. The only thing I don’t like about IG is how quickly people seem to disappear without a word. I tried Twitter and Snapchat but it wasn’t my thing plus I have a hard enough time just keeping up with IG and FB, I mean after all there is real life out there to enjoy.

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