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The Social Explosion

Social media is a part of our life. Face it. If you aren’t at least on Facebook, I commend you, I do, but you should be. Recently, I’ve heard more and more stories from people I know that their lack of social media is preventing them from getting a job. They are getting turned down for positions because they aren’t on social media, or they don’t have a big enough following. Sad but true.

What’s hot? Well, I’d say Instagram and Snapchat right now. Twitter is still active, and with the Presidential campaign going on, it’s a place to get caught up on what the candidates are tweeting and what the journalists and writers are saying. I do notice there is a lot less “sharing” and more of a push for users to roll out their own content. Don’t forget to answer people and share other users tweets. It keeps your timeline active. It’s not all about you. Sharing is caring. You will gain more interaction that way.

Twitter has made some recent improvements too. Locations, photo tagging (so you can leave out names on your actual tweet and have more space for words), and the new night mode is pretty cool too. It gives your eyes a nice break when you scroll through at night or in the morning.

For the record, Twitter is my personal favorite. It might be because of my profession. I love pumping out information in short form and gathering content quickly with a simple search. I follow people of interest, organizations of interest, and co-workers. I also make lists for easy access.

Instagram works so well, because it’s easy. It’s visual. One like, maybe a comment if you feel like it, and you move on. There isn’t a lot of time invested in it. The new Instagram stories are a nice way to add more content without posting tons of pictures and videos to your feed. They go away in 24 hours. They are similar to Snapchat stories. BUT, they are still a bit much. The circles at the top of your home page cause a bit of clutter. The layout may need to change. The direct message response from followers is nice, but you feel obligated to answer them, or at least I do, because I have a hard time ignoring people that take the time to say something nice or ask a question. This creates more work and time. I can totally see how some will like this feature… and others will not.

Snapchat. So what do we do with Snapchat now? It’s still fun and brings in a less invasive crowd. Click, watch, move on. No likes, no comments. It disappears in a day. Also a very easy way to show off your day, push content, and cool images. The filters are silly but fun. People tend to be a bit more “real” on snapchat too. The memories portion is still new, but again, new features take space on the screen and I find that “extra button” gets in my way for a quick send. However, I like saving things for later.

Facebook is Facebook. The fan pages are great, but lately, it seems like the format changes up every week. We lose our initial settings. We can’t share the same way we did or just work in the fan page portion without our home FB page getting in the way. It becomes a little confusing. But, I do like how I can keep that page more work oriented. Pictures, news content, what we are working on… mixed in with behind the scenes stuff. People can comment without limits and they can’t have conversations with each other, which is nice too. You spark open discussions.

This chart cracks me up. It’s really true and shows a great comparison of what different social media sites are used for….

social media

It’s all A LOT. Isn’t it? But digital is becoming our life. It’s where we find what we want quickly. It’s where we can voice our thoughts and opinions. It’s where we can find a good laugh or get the news we are looking for, in an instant.

I still wonder when all this information will become too much. Can our phones and devices hold it all? Can our brains process all of it without overload. Can our eyes stay focussed after staring at screens?

By the way, all my social media platforms are under @daynaroselli

What’s your favorite place to share and view content?

I Have A Confession

The year 2016 is here, and it still feels like yesterday when we were all worried about what was going to happen when it turned 2000. Remember Y2K? Since then, our technology has blown up! We have smart phones, tablets, laptops, iWatches, bluetooth, apps for everything, and the list goes on. We also have… the selfie.

The dreaded selfie. We don’t feel completely comfortable taking them, we complain that some people do it too much, yet we do it anyway, and let’s be honest, they can be really fun.

I am not one of those people who despises seeing selfies. ┬áHere it is… I confess, I like them!

So, am I always comfortable taking one myself? No. Do I love seeing other people’s selfies? Yes!!!! Or should I say, Yaaaasss!

There’s something about a selfie that I find really fun and sweet. I feel like sometimes they are the window into people’s minds, moods, atmosphere, and more. I think they are cute. I like solo selfies, group selfies, couple selfies, celebrity selfies – all of them. Sometimes it takes courage to take the solo selfie. We critique, we filter, we take one, two, or 10. We laugh. We giggle. We study. We post.

Yes, I’ll say it again, I enjoy looking at people’s selfies.

So don’t be ashamed, don’t doubt, don’t feel like you are annoying, I say post away!! Selfies are in, selfies are here to stay. What’s next? I’m not sure. For now, I enjoy them.

Here are a few of my personal favorite selfies from the last year. #SELFIE

Can’t wait to see yours!

FullSizeRender-7 IMG_4629

IMG_2821 2





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