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Happy New Year! It’s 2018.

New Year’s Eve was a bit quieter this year on the strip. The weather was warm, and people were on their best behavior. All in all, it was another great celebration and I was happy to broadcast the excitement LIVE from the strip. Happy 2018! Let’s make it a great year! #VegasStrong

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Local News Lives On. Thoughts From A Grieving But Proud News Anchor.

It’s been a tough couple of months, that’s for sure. Hurricanes in Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico… a mass shooting in Las Vegas, and now deadly and destructive fires in California.

As a newscaster, it’s been tiring, challenging, but rewarding. I think these events have proven, local news is important, it lives on.

Obviously the one that affected me the most was our very own horrible incident. A mass shooting on the Las Vegas strip. A madman shooting from the windows of his suite at Mandalay Bay down on a crowd enjoying country music at the Harvest 91 Festival. Chaos.

For me it all started with OJ Simpson. I got called into work Saturday into Sunday to anchor coverage with my morning co-anchor. OJ left prison and was on his way to Las Vegas. I got home from a late movie so I grabbed about an hour or so of sleep. I anchored the 5am, 6am, and 8am newscasts Sunday morning. When I got home I didn’t want to sleep too much because I get up early the next morning for my regular Monday through Friday schedule. I went back to bed at 7:30pm on Sunday. I was out cold. For some reason I woke up at 12:10 and my phone was on fire. Work, my brother and mom, my friends back east. There had been a shooting on the strip, people were hurt, people were dead. I realized our night crews had stayed over and we were on the air. I knew work would need me all day so I got myself ready for a long one. I was a bit out of it, scared, nervous, and still half asleep because I was “off ” from the Sunday morning call-in. I took the elevator down to the lobby of my building to head to work by 2:30 a.m. and I was met with people in our community room. They had come in from the festival. One of them, who I have met before, came up to me and showed me the video he had taken. He seemed startled and upset, obviously, he played it for me and that’s when I knew. Gun shots, people running. This was bad.

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