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Happy New Year! It’s 2018.

New Year’s Eve was a bit quieter this year on the strip. The weather was warm, and people were on their best behavior. All in all, it was another great celebration and I was happy to broadcast the excitement LIVE from the strip. Happy 2018! Let’s make it a great year! #VegasStrong

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Save A Buck!

Recently I realized I’m spending a lot of money on things I don’t use. So I took a day to make some phone calls, and I have to share. Call, call, call. I saved a bunch of money.

I realized that if you take time to call, and question your bills, you can actually get someone to make changes and find ways to save you money. I called Cox Cable to cancel TV service, and they ended up lowering my bill $25. I called my satellite radio company to cancel, and they ended up charging me a one time fee of $42 for 6 months, instead of the $18.99 a month that I was paying. I called Expedia to debate an airline cost that went down a week after I booked it, and I knew there was no way to change it because I read the fine print that said I only had 24 hours to cancel or change, but I tried anyway. Expedia ended up giving me a $100 dollar coupon to use for a later date. I called AT&T to ask about cutting down my bill, they found a couple ways to do it, I didn’t lose any of my current service options, in fact they threw me some extra data! All in all, it adds up and saves me some money.

Sometimes we go years, thinking we just have to accept what we pay, but I wanted to pass on these tips! If you take an hour or so to make some calls, you CAN save a buck!

WHO doesn’t love to save money? Right!?