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That’s My Style: What I Love Right Now

Recently, I’ve been getting more into Pinterest.  I’ve also hosted two events recently that centered around fashion and style. I love some of the new trends out there, and some of the old, so I thought I’d share what I like right now.

I’m a pretty classic person. My friends sometimes try to get me to add some bling to my outfit, or buy something with a bold design on it, but I always stick to simple. That’s how I’m comfortable, that’s what I like, I guess “that’s my style.” 

For example, I think everyone should have a dress like this (of course you can go longer if you want) – but it’s that basic black dress that you will pull out, time and time again.

Belts are in. Especially thin ones. Go get a bunch of colored belts and patterned belts, it will change up the dress every time you put it on.

Simple Black Dress

I also love this dress. It’s SO me. Simple, basic, nice. I need to buy this asap!

Simple Classic Dress

The short in the front, longer in the back, skirt and dress is in too.

I like the look. It’s sexy, yet classy. This dress caught my eye on Pinterest. I think it’s really pretty!

Sexy, Simple Dress

I have noticed browsing around online that color tipped shoes, and steel tipped shoes are in too. I recently got some Donald Pliner heels with the steel tip on Fashion Night Out. After trying on a bunch of shoes, the group of fashionistos I was with liked this pair the best. I agreed. Now, I love them, and I’m seeing this style more and more. In fact, on Pinterest I’m finding many “do it yourself” tutorials. They teach you how to take a plain pair of heels and spice them up with color front tips. Seems easy and saves money!

Donald Pliner heels (from Forum Shops at Caesars Palace)

I hosted an event called “Battle Of The Strands” about a week ago. I was met the owner of M3K Beauty. She insisted I try her BAREFACED + FABULOUS facial cleanser. She was telling me about it, and how well it removes makeup. I later ran into someone from another vendor who was raving about this face wash too. I had to try it! Well, I did… and it’s fabulous! Takes my makeup off in one wash. Even BLACK mascara and eyeliner. It really cleans your face. It’s a foaming wash. I have never used anything that took off makeup like this. She gave me the moisturizer too, I’m waiting until I finish my old one, to try this as well.

If you are interesting in the face wash or their other products, the website it www.M3Kbeauty.com

M3K Barefaced + Fabulous

Here and there I have noticed in Los Angeles and on some red carpets that ladies are wearing their purses to the SIDE again. You know, across their body, like we used to. I’m not a huge fan of this look, it’s okay… BUT it sure is easier than holding your purse or putting it over your shoulder. It frees up your arms! When I hosted Style with A Cause, we had a Sax 5th Avenue fashion show. Almost every girl on the runway had a purse slung to the side. It’s officially BACK!

I saw this picture on a fashion site from London, to show you what I mean. Obviously, the outfits are a little over the top, but you see what I mean.

Purses slung to the side

Since it’s getting chilly, I’m also a fan of this simple leather jacket. I like it!! I keep eyeing it. It’s a little pricey, maybe I’ll get it for Christmas!! Wink wink, you know who….

Leather Jacket

You can take a look at my favorites and find the sites they come from by following me on Pinterest. I’m @daynaroselli there too!