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Behind The Scenes: The Killers Recording Studio (Watch For Cameos!)

I’m super excited about the Killers new album coming out in September. One of my favorite groups. I’ve been to a few Killers concerts and they put on a great show! I love their music. I had to share this video that I saw on twitter, posted by publicist Steve Flynn. It’s a fun look inside the group’s Las Vegas recording studio, called Battle Born. Cameos by Wayne Newton, Carrot Top, and Andrea Agassi.

If you don’t have flash player and can’t see the video, click HERE, and it will take you to the site.

source: www.nme.com

Criss Angel Hosts LIVE Internet Broadcast. “Is This The Future?” Yes.

Illusionist Criss Angel looks at me and Las Vegas Sun writer John Katsilometes from across the room and yells, “this is the future!”

In one of my more interesting experiences in Vegas to date, I attended the LIVE internet broadcast of Criss Angel’s secret warehouse party for his website www.MagicPlace.com – it was a two hour broadcast.

Fantasy Girls, Johnny Thompson, and Criss Angel

The show included magician greats like Criss himself, Lance Burton, Banachek, Johnny Thompson, and Nathan Burton. Hosting part of the show was magic consultant and producer, Luke Dancy. Also making appearances on the show were Carrot Top, Flavor Flav, Criss’ Mom, the Fantasy Girls and Criss’ Angels. Monti Rock was there too!

Criss Angel, Carrot Top, Falvor Flav, Johnny Thompson, and Nathan Burton.

The warehouse included a main stage, but also various locations for different live shoots and magic tricks. The equipment was state of the art. The show kept moving from one set to another. Since the show was broadcast on the internet, anything could happen. At one point, we even saw Carrot Top’s tattoo, located on his… bottom side. During the broadcast online, a chat room was set up for fans to interact with each other and make comments. The wave of the future. Viewers participating in the show.

Criss Angel

Angel is known worldwide. He lives in Las Vegas right now and performs and produces the Cirque Du Soleil show, BELIEVE at the Luxor. He never seems to stop though. MagicPlace.com is something he launched about a year ago. Recently he also told me he has other projects in the works.

It was a lot of fun to watch this go LIVE, and I’m a big fan of magic too. I saw a few card tricks up close that blew my mind! I always find it interesting to watch a group of magicians come together. Healthy competition is good, but support is also the key to success. This type of event, is definitely part of… “the future.”

P.S. Side note: I finally met Flavor Flav!

With Falvor Flav at MagicPlace.com broadcast