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The Chicky Quicky Box

The holidays are here and we are all looking for gift ideas. Something fun always works, right?! Well, my friend Patty recently sent me a Chicky Quicky Box! In fact, the beauty box subscription just kicked off and it’s ready for business.

What a cute idea! You subscribe, and the box full of accessories and beauty products arrives at your home once a month. It’s $35 a month to subscribe. There’s also an “Exclusive Chick” box that costs $50. They also offer mother daughter boxes, for women with little girls. Patty hand selects the items that go inside the Chicky Quicky and it arrives in a white box with ribbon and a gold seal.

Here’s what I love… the items inside are not only brands you know, but there are local or start-up products inside too. In the box I received, there were products and accessories from Kiss My Honey lip balm, Beauty Kitchen, Sparkle by Patty’s Closet, Glam with Jess, Coco & Robbie, Glamour Dolls, and Etsy.

Chicky Quicky


I received the “Exclusive Chick” box and inside I found two necklaces, earrings, a ring, bath salts, lip balm, lip gloss, hair ties, and hair bobbies (so cute.)

Chicky Quicky 2

The best way to find out more is to go to the Beauty Box Subscription site.

It’s a fun gift idea, OR you can just treat yourself. I must say, it was nice to get something other than a statement or bill in the mail!!!