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My Friend’s Life Changing Story. Don’t Drink & Drive.

My friend Gina Cancelliere has written a blog post for me before.  She wanted to write one again. This blog not only tells her story, and sends an important message, but it’s been theraputic for her to write it all down. She was hit by a drunk driver, and is lucky to be alive. Even as her friend, I didn’t realize what bad shape she was in after this happened. It was years before we met. She has brought it up before, but I learned so much more from watching the video that she sent me. She shared her story on a newscast in Pennsylvania. She was a weather anchor there and had the chance to tell her viewers what happened, in hopes of sending a “don’t drink and drive” message to everyone at home. Here’s her story. It’s a long one, but worth the read! You can watch her story too, below.

In my best Sofia Petrillo (of the beloved Golden Girls) voice…picture it. Penn State. December 1, 1999. It’s dark. It’s cold. It’s nearly winter in State College, Pennsylvania. I am in the final year of earning my bachelor of science in meteorology; it’s almost the finale of competing with and against the weather-weenie version of The Big Bang Theory (what’s up, TV references?). The physics is brutal. The calculus is impossible. But I’m doing it! My diploma is a few weeks and a semester away and I can almost taste it.

During this Fall ’99 semester, computer programming (CMPSCI – or something like that) was part of my program. And I just didn’t get it. At all. (Psssst, ask Dayna how slow I am when it comes to learning Twitter or any app on my iPhone.) CMPSCI confused me, frustrated me and was almost the end of me. Literally.

To help me survive, my study buddy and I hired a tutor. Every-so-often, we got together on campus to go through homework and prep for the hellish exams. The night of Wednesday, December 1, 1999, was one of those nights.

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