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It’s Work, But I Love It

What a year it’s been. The TV news business is changing, evolving, every day. Let’s be honest, there isn’t a lack of news either. From politics to tragedy, it’s been quite a year. It’s a blessing to work on a morning show that covers breaking news locally and from around world, non-stop. I am enjoying my position as the morning breaking news anchor, and co-anchor of Midday. The variety of topics keeps me busy, informed, and it satisfies me to know that people are watching, listening, and learning. Don’t get me wrong, it’s challenging. But, challenges keep us on our toes.

We work hard, but I am surrounded by amazing people at KTNV-TV. They make work enjoyable. Such GOOD people!

We recently got some new snapshots done by our co-worker Ryan Smith. More to come, but here’s the anchor team that I have the pleasure of working with Monday through Friday. Proud to call them my friends!




Happy Thanksgiving!

I haven’t blogged in months! I’ve had some life changes that have really kept me busy! I am no longer at CBS Radio, I have moved over to KTNV Action News on Channel 13 in Las Vegas. I am a News Anchor for the Morning Show and Midday Show.

I LOVE it! The people around me are so wonderful! What a great team. Energy, kindness, support, and team players make or break a job situation. Channel 13 has such a great crew!

I am super happy, and our shows are doing really well (thanks to all of you!)

Morning Crew!
Morning Crew! Micah, Greg, Jessica, Beth, and Dayna
Midday Show with Jessica!
Midday Show with Jessica!

It’s Thanksgiving, and I’m at work. But guess what?? I’m thankful for that!

I am also thankful for…. living in Las Vegas, My job at KTNV, my new co-workers, my parents (who just celebrated 45 years of marriage), my small circle of friends, all the acquaintances and amazing people that keep our city moving, the support from SO many people when I switched jobs (it was overwhelming, I felt so loved… thank you), my health, the opportunities I have living in the greatest city in the world, the mostly warm weather all year long, and the fact that only having 2 gray hairs (ha ha!!!) Thank you!

Enjoy your friends and family! xo