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Getting To Know Me

Thanks to Nightlife and Entertainment Guru, Joe Vargas, for interviewing me for his website www.kingofnightclubs.com!

He posed some challenging questions! We talk life, career, and future. I also mention some of my favorite hot spots and restaurants.



A Little Help From My Friends: Melissa Duran

Every week I get “a little help from my friends.” I choose one to write a blog for my site. This week, it’s Melissa Duran!! She’s one of my very best friends in Las Vegas. I don’t know what I’d do without her. You’ve probably seen us around town, here and there! I’m a bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding and I can’t wait. I’m so proud of her, she’s happier than ever, which is why I’m glad she chose to write about this topic.  Enjoy Melissa’s blog!


Melissa at Patty’s Closet NW

“What in the world should I blog about?!?!” …that was the very first question out of my mouth when Dayna asked me to be her guest blogger. I have so many things to talk about…my upcoming wedding, my business, my awesome friends. Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about all of them (for long), but I do want to talk about how I got to this awesome place in my life, and more importantly, the hard lessons I learned on the way.


As some of you know, I worked with Dayna at Channel 8 for several years. My life as a news reporter/anchor in Las Vegas was far from boring. One day, I would get to interview the President of the United States…the next day I would be standing in the middle of a feral cat sanctuary in Pahrump, where I would be attacked by a cat named Paco.  <— TRUE STORY

I thought I was on my way up the ladder. I was wrong. Let’s just say my vision of the future was different than their vision of the future for me. I couldn’t keep working somewhere when future advancement wasn’t possible. My gut was telling me it was time to move on. So why didn’t I just go to a different market?

One reason: Marc… the love of my life and my future husband. ( I know some of you just rolled your eyes. It’s cool… no hard feelings.)

Insert corny picture here!

Marc & Melissa

I needed to make a move, but what in the world was I going to do? Was I really about to turn 30 and try something new? All I can tell you is that I cried… A LOT. Job interviews went horribly wrong… and not because of the economy, but because since I was 16, the news business was my life. I knew nothing else. It wasn’t until my friend told me to STOP CRYING!

“Um, what did you just say?! RUDE!” said my self-righteous attitude.

It was a huge wake-up call though. Crying and moping wasn’t going to get me anywhere. Where was my faith in God? God has always taken care of me, and when times got tough, I lost sight of that. I decided to not let rejections get me down. I prayed…and prayed…and waited, then waited some more. A couple of months later, a door opened. My friends Patty and Juan were looking to franchise their business Patty’s Closet Fashion Boutique. They asked me if I was interested. Of course I was, but wait, open a business in this economy? Yikes! I dismissed the idea, but for some reason, the topic kept coming up. I pursued it, and with a lot of help, here I am.

PLUG!!!!! COME CHECK OUT THE STORE IN NORTHWEST LAS VEGAS! 7010. N. Durango Dr. Ste. 120… inside the Smith’s shopping center!

Patty’s Closet NW

Ok, this is not the happy ending. It wasn’t an easy transition. In fact, I got a lot of flak for leaving the news business. My favorite quote from a so-called friend “Melissa is leaving news to go ‘sell clothes(smirk)’.”

People that I thought would support me… didn’t. To this day, they STILL haven’t come to the store. I felt betrayed, but this is where I learned who my friends were. I learned who truly cared about me as a person… people who want to see nothing but the best for me. I can’t tell you how much peace that brings to your life. I know friends like Dayna will be in my life forever. I got rid of “the fakes” and continue to surround myself with good people. I GOT MY SMILE BACK. My friends say the change was noticeable. It still is… and man, God is good. Two months after I opened my business, the love of my life, my best friend and my biggest supporter proposed to me.

Marc & Melissa

I’m in an amazing place. I took a chance. I trusted in God. I learned that my idea of how my life should go is not necessarily what God wants. Does this mean running a business is easy? UUHHHHHH, no! (this would have to be an entirely different blog post). I’m still learning, but I’m proud I took the leap. People say you wise-up in your 30s. I have. I’m in a place where I don’t feel the need to answer to anyone. I’m paving my own way…and in less than three months, I’ll become a “Mrs.” with my true friends standing up there with me.

Thanks for letting me share! Next time I guest blog I promise it will be a lighter topic like… “You want another discount off of a $5 dress?!?!?!” or “To Boob Job or Not to Boob Job?”