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I’m a Radio Gal! Plus, a BIG Thank You.

Hey everyone. Finally, this week I made it official. I’m the new morning co-host at 100.5 FM KXNT Radio.  I’m super excited. I’ve been on the show since August, but now, I’m an official employee. I will stay co-hosting the morning show 6 to 9 a.m. Monday through Friday.

I have always loved the morning shift. There’s something about waking people up and providing them with the news they can use, that I really enjoy. Plus, I appreciate the free time in the afternoons. This job allows me to do some side projects, so I keep pretty busy. But, it’s great to be able stay active in the community. I have recently hosted a few fundraising events and it was a pleasure to see familiar faces and meet new ones.

On The Air...
On The Air…

So many people have asked me if I like radio or TV better. They are different. Right now, I’m enjoying the fact that I get to have a voice and ad-lib. I have always liked just talking, without a script. It’s fun, and I can tell stories and relate to people. I also find interviewing people LIVE for 3 plus minutes a couple times an hour is really interesting. Not only am I helping to inform, but I am being informed as well.

I hope you will listen when you get in your car or at home. It’s 100.5 FM. Easy to find. I can’t even begin to thank you for your support. It’s been a long year, but I was committed to staying in Las Vegas, and finding the right job for me. You have all been SO wonderful.

Friends, colleagues, and even my new bosses are overwhelmed by the response I get from Facebook and twitter supporters. I am too! I always say, “those are MY people!” I feel like I can always count on you. Some are strangers, some acquaintances, some I have worked with before, some I know well. You are all important to me. So, THANK YOU!!!!!

And, shout out to my agent, Micah Johnson from MediaStars. He’s helped me so much. He’s been patient, and fought for what I believe in.