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Thoughts: News Anchor Responds to Weight Critique

I really want to hear your thoughts on this. Obviously, being in the TV business, it strikes me a bit different than most of you reading. I feel bad for this woman. I know what it’s like to receive mean or critical messages from strangers. I know what’s it like to receive perverted messages from strangers. Letters from jail. Angry phone calls. I could go on and on. BUT, we ARE in the public eye. We choose to do it.

In the end, this woman is saying, she is aware she is overweight.

Some might say… “then do something about it.”

For many, it’s not that easy. We all have feelings. If this news anchor does a good job, what does it matter? Well, she’s on television. People must “look” at her. If she was on radio, she may not have received that letter.

I do think this is a form of bullying. I have many friends that deal with this every day. Some are in news, some on TV shows, others are celebrities or performers. In this day in time, social media and emails have made it easy for people to write what they want. Hide behind a fake name or picture. I see the pain it causes. The hurt. Sometimes a friend will say, “I don’t care, whatever.” But I can SEE that it hurts. It comes with the job though, right? I’m not sure. I think useful criticism helps. Attacks, do not. We are all human.

Instead of saying nice things, most people write when they have something negative to say.

Here’s something to think about… because of my recent experience. I was suddenly let go from a TV job. I put my heart and soul into this job and place. It hurt. On the flip side, all I have received for 4 months are “positive” letters. Positive tweets. Positive facebooks. It’s been a nice change of pace. Support means everything, especially in numbers. It has meant a lot!

Maybe from now on, we should write when something goes right, not wrong. Send a note when we like something, instead of dislike. It could really change someone’s day or week.

Of course, we all need to vent. That’s normal. We don’t have to attack people with harsh words though.  I do look up to this woman for speaking her mind. I also give kudos to the station for allowing her to talk about it on air.