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Post Wedding, Life Stress, Positive Thinking.

Holy Cow-za!!! I have been meaning to blog. Life has been so busy.

The wedding was AMAZING. Melissa and Marc were gorgeous. The day was beautiful, and the smiles I saw all night were just what I needed. The music, the dancing. Friends, family.

It was really “a moment in time” – seeing people put all their troubles aside and celebrate. Not a care in the world. Happy for the new couple.

A moment that stuck out to me, was when my dear friend Chris Saldana (we were both in the wedding party) was smiling and dancing on the dance floor.  I felt the world stop.  I know he has had a tough year. He lost his beloved Mother. He lost his Aunt. He has been passed up for a few promotions at work – that he clearly deserved. It’s not easy. It changes you. BUT, on this day, in this moment, he was celebrating life and celebrating his friend’s new marriage. I loved it.  It will stick in my head forever.

Why don’t we celebrate more often? I think we intend to celebrate sometimes, but it doesn’t really happen. There’s an agenda. It’s an event for schmoozing. You may have your picture taken and put into a magazine. You could meet someone. Etc etc….

Marc and Melissa’s wedding was just pure fun. No agenda.

Insert goofy, fun picture because it shows happiness. We are carefree.

Wedding Fun: Melissa, Lizbeth, Dayna, Chris, and Gina

Melissa worked hard on planning this wedding and I know, it was everything she imagined it would be!! Even her new husband Marc (who says I should talk more about him in my blogs) was a trooper!  Marc learned a dance with Melissa. Their wedding dance was practiced at home. I wondered how it would go. I know Marc as being sarcastic. I couldn’t picture him doing a planned wedding dance. So… I filmed it. You wanted to be blogged about Marc… well, here ya go. My YouTube video of your dance is now going LIVE on daynarosell.com! I must say. It was fantastic!!!!

Moving on.

The next day I took my friend Danie to the airport. Early call. 5:30 a.m. – okay no big deal. On my way back, I was hit by a truck. My car door smashed in. Oh no, not again, I just got my car back from the shop after it was hit in parking lot. Ugh!!!! The guy offered to pay cash for it. I wasn’t sure. I’m a nice person. I said yes. We got it all figured out today, and I take it in next week to be fixed. For now, I drive around with a big big dent.  Then, tonight, I go to host an event downtown. Style With A Cause. All dressed up, dent in my door, ready to emcee.  BOOM, smash. Someone backed into me. Yup. It’s true. Exchange info. Running late for call time. I’ll deal with it later.  Is this really happening?

Yes…  BUT, “it could be worse.” Nobody was hurt. I’m alive.

I had a productive day in Los Angeles Monday. Planning for an event I am hosting on October 22nd. Battle of the Strands with hairstylist, Kim Vo. We met up with many people involved in the event from the beauty industry, we toured Maker Studio (the 2nd largest YouTube channel in the world) who will be streaming our event live. We visited Kim at his home to plan out the next few days. It was a packed day. Tired. On our way back, the TSA stopped me. The security alarm kept sounding when I walked through. My first pat down! Here we go. Pat down one, complete. Then, lady swipes my dress with a little strip of paper, machine says something is wrong. I was escorted to a room for pat down two. My new friend Chuck (who is working on the event with us) decided he would take some pictures. It’s true. I look like I’m in the principal’s office!  Kinda funny. I survived. End result: I had a lot of zippers on my dress and apparently they were cause for alarm.

TSA Office at LAX

Moving on.

The IRS says I owe them a lot of money because of some mistake a couple years ago, what?!

A place I worked freelance for, hasn’t paid me yet.

I miss my family. I can’t get into a routine. I can’t decide what I want to do.

All these complaints! I know!!! Drama.

In the end, it all doesn’t matter. I am blessed. I am lucky. I have support. I have job offers. I have loving friends and family. I have my health. It will all come together.

If I keep focusing on the negative, things won’t turn in the right direction.

I met some amazing, inspirational women tonight. I worked with some great, motivated people on Monday. I watched my friends get married. I saw others put aside their problems and smile in the moment. I get stopped every single day by people who know me from TV and tell me they miss me. I have a dear friend working hard on the album of his dreams and enjoying every minute of it. I have another friend who is having a blast on Amazing Race. I see acquaintances trying new things and taking leaps to make it happen. My Mom’s latest mammogram came out negative, she’s officially a breast cancer survivor.  My Dad is 76 and healthy, still working four hours a day. My friends across the country are starting families and finding success. I had the chance to celebrate my Aunt’s 80th birthday this summer and see my extended family in New Jersey.

All is good. It will work out. It always does.