Rob Schneider

My Interview With Actor/Comedian Rob Schneider

I’ve always enjoyed comedian and actor, Rob Schneider’s movies. He’s a funny guy! He has a new movie coming out with Adam Sandler. It’s Netflix’s first film.

He’s in Las Vegas on Labor Day weekend performing at the South Point. The Emmy-nominated actor is best known for his roles in “Deuce Bigalow,” “50 First Dates,” “The Longest Yard” and “The Hot Chick.”

He called into my show on KXNT!

Listen to his take on Donald Trump, and his Sylvester Stallone impression.


National Lasagna Day: Mom Calls Me On The Radio

Happy National Lasagna Day!

My Mom called into our radio show this morning to give everyone some homemade Lasagna tips! It’s the best. I’m telling you! During every holiday dinner, we have an Italian dish. No ham for us. Lasagna it is!

LISTEN to our fun chat with Mom!

Mom and Dad Roselli