Happy New Year (A Little Late)

Hey, Happy New Year! A month late, I know. Hope everyone has had a great start to 2015.

Mine has been mixed. Mostly good, but I won’t sugar coat it, I lost a few important people that impacted my years growing up just in the last few weeks.

My dearest Uncle Emil passed away. He got pneumonia and couldn’t recover. He was 84. He lived a good life. I really felt for my father, this was his first sibling to pass. He has two sisters and a brother. It’s always hard to see someone go. My Dad and his brother are about 5 years apart, and they were so fun to watch together. They dressed similar, they used the same body language, they even stood up the same. Just adorable.

I posted a picture of me with my Dad, Aunts, and Uncle below. Gee, can you tell we are Italian??! This was from my Aunt Terry’s 80th birthday (in the pink) just a couple years ago.

Here I am with my Dad and all his siblings. Aunt Terry, Aunt Amelia, and Uncle Emil.
Here I am with my Dad and all his siblings. Aunt Terry, Aunt Amelia, and Uncle Emil.

Also, growing up in Rochester, New York, we had some neighbors we were close with. Chris and Melissa were my brother and I’s age and my Mom and their Mom, Linda, were friends. So, we would all do things, while the Dads worked. My Mom and Linda had a lot of adventures together. Linda was a great woman. Funny, and always told it like it was! She had a red Trans-Am with an 8 track in it and she would play Betty Davis Eyes – over and over and over again. They were Greek and had several family owned restaurants. We had so much fun hanging around the restaurants, in fact, we had my Dad’s 50th surprise birthday at one of them. Lots of memories. They moved to Florida years ago, and Linda kept in touch on Facebook. She lost her battle with cancer a couple weeks ago. I will miss her. She always called me Dayna-Bo-Bayna, and I loved it! We would always laugh.

On to more positive things… I have really embraced traveling lately. Just in the last six months I visited Washington, DC… Los Angeles… Rochester… New York City… and most recently Cabo, Mexico. Β Instead of overthinking anything, I just go. Many of my friends live in different cities or have events in different cities, so I pack up and join them or we go together. We’ve had so much fun. Really great trips.

I’m totally in that, boy did I dodge a bullet mode. I’ll keep that part to myself, but I think most of you have probably had that moment in life. That moment when you think you were sad about something because it was all you knew for a period of time, but then realize… “ohhhhh, that was for the best, someone above sure was looking out for me!” Β Well, that.

I continue to co-host the “Carlos and Dayna” morning show on KXNT 100.5 FM. I enjoy connecting with everyone. Even though the news out there has been pretty scary as of late. It’s almost a relief to have Deflate-Gate happening, mostly because, it’s just football and nobody gets hurt! We shall see how this Superbowl pans out!

I’ll be guest hosting on Valley View LIVE on Channel 13 KTNV on Monday, February 2nd. That should be fun. Thanks to the folks at 13 for asking me to join in for a day. In fact, I was just filling out a sheet with my information and when talking about my hobbies, I mentioned how you all love my skyline pictures from my balcony. I took some pretty cool ones over the last few months. I’ll post them below. I have also included one from New York City. I celebrated the New Year at the top of the Hugo Hotel, it looks out toward New Jersey and you can even see the Statue of Liberty in the distance. If you click on the picture, it makes it bigger. Feel free to grab for a screen saver or wall paper.

Happy New Year everyone!

Las Vegas Sunset
Las Vegas Sunset
Moon, Clouds, Sunset
Moon, Clouds, Sunset
Fog over the Vegas Strip
Fog over the Vegas Strip
From Soho NYC looking toward New Jersey
From Soho NYC looking toward New Jersey

I’m Thankful For…. So Much.

I know, I’m late. But as we head into December, the last month of the year, it’s always nice to write down what you are thankful for. My list will be simple, because in all the chaos of life and work, family and friends…. some things just need to be easy. The following flows from my head, to my heart, and through my finger tips! Some serious, some fun (but real.)

Here we go….

My parents, who are still together and taught me to be a good, respectable woman. Proud of me when I went to college, graduated, and starting working right away. Moved around by myself to get my start. Taught me to make my own money. Save my money. Know when to have fun, and when to take things seriously.

People around me. (The blonde. Her fiance. Her daughter. The brunette. Her husband. Her baby.Β Friends from home. Blue eyes. Big J. Rod. Texas. Thnx. Coop. The newlyweds. Anth x 2. Steph. My co-workers. D-Val. Bro. Sis.) The list could go on and on but these people have had the most impact on me this year. And yes, I refer to them in nicknames because that’s what flowed off my fingertips.

My job. I love what I do. I look forward to going to work. It doesn’t feel like work.


My place. My view.

The people at my place. So nice and helpful.

My Mom just completed her yearly mammogram cancer free, after beating breast cancer. Thank God.

Kind strangers. The ones who write me thoughtful messages. The ones who don’t know me at all but feel they should send me kind words full of motivation and the ones who recognize my achievements, even though they don’t have to. Some are fans of my friends, some are fans of mine, some are just people who enjoy interacting. I also appreciate all the loyal strangers who listen to the radio show and have followed me through the years. It means so much.

The kittens I fostered, that found a good home, thanks to the Nevada SPCA.

The occasional vodka and soda. Good food.

My shoe collection. :)

All the new healthy babies born this year. I love watching my friend’s kids grow up and their new found job of being parents.

Feeling free.

The laughs.

Having grace. Sticking with who I am, no matter how much I know I should act differently, I stay with what I believe and what my inner self tells me to do. In the end I win. Because then I feel good about myself, and don’t care if others choose to treat me differently. I stay the same. It’s a choice I’m happy with. I’m thankful, I make my own choices. I don’t conform to what should be done, I go with what I feel is right for me.

December 21st in 2013. Not this year, but since we haven’t reached that day yet, it feels like this year. That day, I witnessed and was part of something really nice. I pushed some people to do something I thought was important and should be reflected upon and celebrated. It was. I believe certain things should be an occasion, instead of a normal day. It’s how people make memories beyond their daily routine. They did.

A sad day last spring that turned into a day of bonding friendships and love. People showed up. People dropped everything. We hit the road. We came together. And it meant something. Life changed a bit.

My parents visits. Taking them out and showing them this great city brings me joy. I love watching them have fun, dressing up, and staying up late! Ha.

New friends.

Ice cream cones.

Las Vegas. I love it. I’m so glad I stayed.

Most of all. Health and happiness for everyone around me.

I look forward to finishing up this year, making more memories, working hard, and taking some time to relax.

What are you thankful for?

Thankful heart