Quotes, quotes, quotes…

It seems like everywhere I look, there are quotes. Quotes about love, life, success. I see them on facebook, instagram, pinterest, and twitter. I don’t usually share quotes, only if I really like one. However, a few months ago I realized nobody ever responds to posts on my personal family/friends facebook. So, as a test, I started posting quotes. People immediately shared and liked and commented. I guess people like quotes! Ah, ha!!!

I do save some to my phone if they catch my eye. So, since we all can’t get enough of them, here’s what you’ll find in my phone. I like the one above, because I usually enjoy quotes that are the opposite of what you’d expect. I think they are real. Sometimes inspirational quotes are great, but sometimes I’m like, “come on, really?”

Okay… here are some of the nicer quotes I like. But just for the record, the top one is my favorite. End quote.

3 thoughts on “Quotes, quotes, quotes…

  1. Here is one that I always remember from my corporate life:
    Be kind to everyone on the way up the ladder of success-you may pass them on your way back down the ladder!

  2. I think I’m going to memorize these quotes, I need to be reminded of all things that make life interesting – you’ve posted quite a few! Thanks.

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