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Las Vegas Show News

Britney Spears has added new show dates to her 2 year residency. Remember, all the dates weren’t revealed at first. She has been performing at Planet Hollywood and tickets for the next group of dates, which goes through February. Tickets go on sale Friday, May 16th.

Courtesy: @britneyspears
Courtesy: @britneyspears

Mamma Mia! has opened at the Tropicana. It’s official grand opening night is Friday, May 16th. The broadway show will include intermission and will be about 2 and a half hours long. Afterward, you can catch singer Skye Dee Miles and the Skye 5 band performing in the lounge.

I saw an amazing show called “Frank: The Man The Music” last week at the Venetian. It was a showcase featuring performer Bob Anderson and a more than 30 piece orchestra. It was a very glamorous show. It wasn’t like we were watching a Frank Sinatra impersonator, it was more like we were actually watching Frank! There are no plans yet for a permanent show. It was one night only.

Jersey Boys the movie comes out in late June. The stage show was turned into film and was directed by Clint Eastwood. As for the Las Vegas show, according to the schedule, in July and August, the show will go dark for its normal 5 p.m. show on Saturdays. Probably due to the slow season. The 8:15 p.m. show will stay in place.

Las Vegas’ longest-running headliner, Frank Marino, will celebrate 25,000 performances on the Las Vegas Strip, the first entertainer to reach this milestone, on Saturday, May 31st. Frank Marino’s Divas is at The Quad.


Show Up For People

Isn’t it funny, but understandable, that we live our lives worrying about “what if?” It’s not uncommon, in fact, it makes sense. But how many times have we heard the saying, “just live for today!” It’s true, in a way, but we do have to plan and think out what we want and how we feel.

I for one, don’t think about “what if.” Pretty much every single thing that has happened to me, or decision I made, was exactly how it was supposed to be. However, I worked for it to be that way. I threw away the negative, I forgave, I worked to keep relationships that were important to me, I pulled myself together, and I made sure that I gave back. Smaller circles helped in that process. Not everyone needs to be your best friend. I only trust deeply in the ones that truly care about my well being. I have learned to know the difference.

Living in Las Vegas is absolutely wonderful. However, I’ve heard time and time again, it wears some people down. The best medicine is being open to everyone, but confiding in small circles. Nobody needs to know your every emotion or what you are going through, unless you want them to, of course. That’s your choice. You may ask, what makes a good friend? Who can I trust? Here’s what I have learned.

You show up. They show up.

You have to show up for people. If you show up, they will show up. If you are tired, or busy, you have to make time to be there. I do it. Sometimes I don’t have time for it, but I know I want to be there. I show up. In return, every single one of those people, have shown up for me. And they really do care.

Don’t think I’m just talking about the bad stuff either. You may have someone that asks you to be there for a great moment too. It’s important to them. They want to share their happiness. Show up. If you show up, they’ll show up too.

There’s always going to be times you simply can’t, it’s out of your control. You have to work or you have responsibilities. But, you can make it up to them. You show up in other ways.

You can’t judge how someone handles their life, it’s not your life. Be open. I certainly have had to think about this when handling different relationships, and now that I am more open, I realize not judging makes me such a better friend. That’s now what I receive in return.

I’m no expert, I’m just sharing something that has worked for me. If it can help one person, great. All I’m saying is… it’s a great feeling when people make you feel safe, you show up, they’ll probably show up too!