What’s Up? Oh, This & That.

It’s been a busy few weeks for me! In the end, it’s always worth it. I am so grateful to have so many opportunities to work on and a promote Las Vegas. Plus, help the community and meet new people.

This week it was a joy to host the United Way Community In Blue Awards with Chet Buchanan. Great people, and the organization does a lot for our town. Remember the annual Women’s Suit Drive is coming up, one day only. It’s November 7th. So, get inside your closet asap!

Hosting Community In Blue Awards with Chet Buchanan
Hosting Community In Blue Awards with Chet Buchanan
Hosting Community In Blue Awards with Chet Buchanan
Hosting Community In Blue Awards with Chet Buchanan

On November 15th, I’m excited to be honored at the Beauty Inside and Out Tour. It stops in Las Vegas and about a dozen of us will receive awards from Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I don’t know how they found me, but I am thrilled to be a part of it. The event is being held at the Palazzo and there’s a great group of women being honored… including actress Barbara Niven and TV Correspondent Cheryl Truesdale. It should be a lot of fun!

This Friday, on Halloween, I’m hosting ladies night out at Insert Coins in downtown Las Vegas! If you’d like to join, we encourage costumes. Video game inspired would be a bonus!

Halloween Insert Coins

As far as career is concerned, I have some really exciting things coming up. Can’t wait to share. Slight changes and opportunities!  Thanks to everyone for always supporting and listening… in a world full of media “choices.”

And to my social media people… I just crossed 20,000 followers on twitter. It snuck up on me, but it makes me happy. You know, I always have tons of fun on twitter. I enjoy interacting with everyone and sharing news, thoughts, and pictures.

So – thanks again!

xoxo dayna

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  1. Where do you find time. My guess is you never sleep. The LV Chamber of Commerce needs to give you an award for Woman of the Year for all of the promotions you do that make Las Vegas look great. You’re Woman of the Year in my book.

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