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Grand Cayman Island Vacation

I am finally getting around to sharing what an amazingly restful and beautiful vacation I had on Grand Cayman Island. What a beauty!!! This island is only an hour and 10 minute flight from Miami. We stayed on Seven Mile Beach, and it was gorgeous!


I pretty much loved everything about it. Great food and restaurants, great people, and it was a breathtaking place to visit if you like that island life, with a bit of ritz! Sure, there were areas that were a little run down, but for the most part the island is full of modern and quaint resorts and restaurants with lots of beach front places to eat. You truly feel like you are on vacation.

We also took a sunset cruise out in the ocean and went to Stingray City to pet the friendly stingrays. We also spent time on a remote island called Rum Point. I just loved the changing colors of the water and the weather was perfect. 80s and sunny, slight breeze. You tan quick, so be careful.

It’s a bit more expensive than America because of the exchange rate. The airport is small so it’s an easy in and out.

The people and staff on the island are so kind. I loved meeting and mingling with strangers. It was so nice being around new people and learning about where they were from and what brought them to the island.

Best part, I rested, I slept on a beach chair, I explored, I ate, I drank, and I spent time with people I love. Two thumbs up for Grand Cayman. White sand always wins.


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Don’t Feel Stupid If….


I LOVE this quote! It really stuck with me, and I had to share it. Isn’t it true? In this world of “trying to be like everyone else,” we often pretend to like things we really don’t.

Here’s the deal. I don’t like A LOT of things that people love. Once I saw this quote, I made a list in my head, and I thought I would share it. It will force you to think. Do I really like these things I claim to like, or do I like them because it makes me seem… cool, hip, likable, smart, sexy, etc.?

I don’t like:

going on long hikes, I’ll sit in a lawn chair and wait for you to come back
touring anything that takes more than one hour
drinking in the day
packed pool clubs
massages by strangers
camping (maybe in a cabin)
Leonardo DiCaprio
concerts unless I can sit and put my feet up, even then I get bored
dating for fun, it’s not fun
(I’m actually going to keep adding to this list because it’s therapeutic!)

Make your list!