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Friends, Family, & Kindness From Strangers

Hello Friends!!! I hope you are all having a great holiday season. I sure am! What an interesting year 2015 has been, I’m super excited for this New Year’s Eve, I’ll be hosting along with many other Channel 13 personalities on our LIVE show. Make sure you tune in. Being part of the New Year’s Eve show is one of my favorite things, I’ve missed it!

This week, my co-worker Jessica Janner and I visited Wentworth Las Vegas Assisted Living Home. Just because. How wonderful are seniors?? So loving and bright! They really perked up our day. Sometimes we need to sit back and remember how precious our lives are, how much joy we can bring others by doing something small, and how wise our elders are!

Bright smiles, great people!
Bright smiles, great people!


Cheers to the holidays! Enjoy your friends and family.

Also enjoy the kindness of strangers. xo

Happy Thanksgiving!

I haven’t blogged in months! I’ve had some life changes that have really kept me busy! I am no longer at CBS Radio, I have moved over to KTNV Action News on Channel 13 in Las Vegas. I am a News Anchor for the Morning Show and Midday Show.

I LOVE it! The people around me are so wonderful! What a great team. Energy, kindness, support, and team players make or break a job situation. Channel 13 has such a great crew!

I am super happy, and our shows are doing really well (thanks to all of you!)

Morning Crew!
Morning Crew! Micah, Greg, Jessica, Beth, and Dayna
Midday Show with Jessica!
Midday Show with Jessica!

It’s Thanksgiving, and I’m at work. But guess what?? I’m thankful for that!

I am also thankful for…. living in Las Vegas, My job at KTNV, my new co-workers, my parents (who just celebrated 45 years of marriage), my small circle of friends, all the acquaintances and amazing people that keep our city moving, the support from SO many people when I switched jobs (it was overwhelming, I felt so loved… thank you), my health, the opportunities I have living in the greatest city in the world, the mostly warm weather all year long, and the fact that only having 2 gray hairs (ha ha!!!) Thank you!

Enjoy your friends and family! xo