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This and That. Here and There.

I know I’ve been slacking on my blog. I moved and my Mom visited for a while. I’m still in Las Vegas. The city I love most!  Move went well and I am loving my new place. It’s cozy and has a great kitchen. I’m actually enjoying cooking again. So that’s a good thing!

I had a great time when my Mom was here. I love when she visits, it’s always comforting to have Mom around, right?

I took her to see the Scintas. We had a blast. I knew Mom would love it. Especially because they are Italian and from Buffalo, New York. In fact, she had so much fun, she took my Dad to see them in Buffalo this weekend at the Italian Festival. She said it was packed! If you haven’t seen them at the D Las Vegas yet, you must go. They are talented and so much fun. Janine Valentine also sings with them, and she’s wonderful.

with Mom, Scintas singer Janine Valentine, and Frankie Scinta
with Mom, Scintas singer Janine Valentine, and Frankie Scinta

We also went to see Michael Jackson ONE again. That show amazes me, I love it so much! My Mom is a huge MJ fan, so I knew she HAD to see this show. I’m so happy Cirque got this one right. The Immortal Tour was disappointing in my eyes. It wasn’t done right. ONE is right on the money and fabulous in every way. It gives me chills, like it should. The show is selling out quick, we almost didn’t get tickets booking a few days in advance. Just to let you know, all the seats are great. It’s good to be a little ways back so you can see everything happening around you. The seats in the far back wouldn’t even be bad. So heads up if you are planning to go. I always appreciate when people give me feedback about where to sit, so I’m passing it on.

I took Mom to dinner at The Barrymore as well. One of my favorite hidden gems in Las Vegas. Such a great place. Great atmosphere, great staff, and delicious food. It’s inside the Royal Resort on Convention Center Drive. In fact, we are having my friend’s engagement party there soon. I love it. You can go for food or just sit at the bar. Sometimes they have entertainment too.

For the 5th year in a row I hosted The Nevada Burn Foundation’s Firefighter Auction. Many of my friends came out to support the cause, and I appreciate it. It’s the major fundraiser for that organization and it’s very important. A lot of money was raised! I enjoyed emceeing the event with Scott Allison. Kudos to all the bachelors too, it’s not easy getting out there in front of all those people!

with Kate, Chris, and Melissa at The Burn Foundation Auction
with Kate, Chris, and Melissa at The Burn Foundation Auction

I also hosted the Review Journal Business Press Green Awards at the Springs Preserve. It was a really nice breakfast and I was happy to see so many companies and leaders get acknowledged for “going green” and changing the way we think. I remember when the “green” movement first started and I wondered if it would catch on. It did… and we as a community are making strides and making a difference! I was happy to join General Manager Debbie Donaldson in honoring the winners.

with Debbie Donaldson, Business Press General Manager
with Debbie Donaldson, Business Press General Manager

Next up is a fun event supporting the Nevada SPCA. It’s a celebrity bowling tournament for animal rescue. “Out of The Gutters” is going to be a lot of fun and takes place at Sam’s Town on August 11th. Deven May of “Jersey Boys” and I will be bowling along with a long list of local celebrities. You can see the full list by clicking on the information link above. Come out and bowl with us!

I’m also on the planning committee for the Nevada Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame gala this year. It takes place at Red Rock Casino, Resort, and Spa on August 17th. We have a wonderful night planned to honor all of the Hall of Fame inductees and broadcasting organizations. We have a great auction planned and Frankie Moreno and his full band are performing. Tickets are on sale now. Here is the gala website. Lots of specials guests will be there too.

I keep plugging away. Keeping busy and enjoying the time that was given to me to give back to the city I love. I hope everyone is having a great summer so far. I can’t believe August is here already!

Finally, I See The Scintas at The D!

How have I never been to see “The Scintas?” No idea.

They are from Buffalo, New York… I’m from nearby Rochester. I remember them playing in my hometown. I may have even been to a festival or two where they performed, but missed never caught a show.

When I moved to Las Vegas, I remember thinking, “I need to see them, they’re from Buffalo!”

I love shows! If you haven’t guessed that already. The Scintas were… here there everywhere. NOW, they are at the D Las Vegas. I attended the show Wednesday on media night.


Holy Scinta!!! I absolutely loved it.

The Scintas at The D
The Scintas at The D

I recently met Frankie Scinta at the Showbiz Roast (we were both roasters.) I knew once I met him that I had to see the show ASAP. Italian and from Buffalo, what’s not to like. Felt like family!

The Scintas are currently performing with singer Janien Valentine. She fit right in. The show was full of laughs, talent, and emotion. I must admit, there was a little tear in my eye as they sang the song “Home” and talked about their life growing up. Family is everything. When you get older, you learn to appreciate your family so much more. Another reason Frankie and Joey are fun to watch. Brothers on stage together make for a good time! The impersonations are great because they don’t over do it. They are quick appearances … a song or medley, then the show moves on. Such a great mix.

The new D Las Vegas showroom is old school. Low ceilings, cocktail tables and booths, very intimate. I think it’s a good room for the group. A live band joins The Scintas on stage too.

I left happy. That’s how I judge how much I like a show. If I leave happy or I leave thinking about what I saw or what was said, I’m sold. They know how to put on a show, that’s for sure. Obviously, they have been doing it for years.

The Scintas perform Wednesday through Sundays.  Check them out!